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2016 State of Email Design: How Marketers Go from Inspiration to Email Design to Landing Page [eBook]

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Check out the 2017 State of Email Creative for latest stats, trends, and advice.

Email design is a unique discipline that’s distinct from web, print, and other forms of design. Both the technological constraints and advantages of the email medium require designers to adopt channel-specific approaches—whether it’s embracing the limitations around rendering and code support or seizing the opportunities around testing and targeting.

In the inaugural State of Email Design report, which is based on the responses of more than 900 marketers, we take a detailed look at how marketers:

  1. Search for email inspiration
  2. Use brand guidelines
  3. Approach email design
  4. Use various design elements
  5. Use one-off email designs
  6. A/B test their emails
  7. Handle email redesigns
  8. Manage landing page responsibilities

The State of Email Design report reveals a number of opportunities for marketers. For example:

Use the results in the State of Email Design report to benchmark your own email designs and design processes, to identify opportunities for improvement, and as evidence to argue for the need to experiment with new email approaches, elements, and tactics.

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