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Creative Data Design in Email


Last week, we ended our third Community Contest. Inspired by an email from our friends over at display block, we challenged Community Members to figure out creative ways to display data in email campaigns. Whether it was an infographic, feature comparison charts, or something else entirely, we wanted to see how the email community could make data-heavy email campaigns work.

We were surprised and delighted with the results. We received a bunch of truly creative entries, all of which you can check out here. However, we could only crown one winner.

And the winner is…

The winner of the third Community Contest is the team over at eROI for their “Brunch Index” email design.


After one of the developers, Heidi Olsen, put the call out to her teammates, a whole slew of eROI team members joined in to design and develop an amazing email concept.

Apparently, breakfast is a huge deal in Portland (where eROI resides), so the team wanted to make an email that helped subscribers pick the perfect place to eat. Heidi described it as:

An OKCupid for breakfast sausage and mimosas.

While the concept is fantastic, the execution is where the email really shines. The team used a ton of interesting concepts, including animated weather indications, an animated SVG radar chart, hoverable tooltips, and a number of beautifully designed data points. They even went so far as to create a second version to show off what a sunnier morning might look like:


You can read more about some of the techniques used over in the Community Contest Discussion. And a huge congratulations to the entire team over at eROI, which included: Cher Fuller, Stephen Hammill, Chris Weeg, Josh Reid, Nick Escobar, Ryan Mowery, Heidi Olsen, Matt Grantski, Gerry Blakney, Tatiana Mac, and Sterling Houghton.

Amazing Data Design

The team at eROI weren’t the only ones with an amazing entry. We had quite a few entries ranging from infographics to feature comparisons, Spotify habits, and even an interesting take on categorizing and displaying buzz around articles in a weekly newsletter.

Julie Rollinson entered a beautiful infographic campaign for Save the Rhinos, designed to both inform and inspire people to help an endangered species.


Nicholas Spowart looked at data design in a retail setting, by using feature comparisons and data about electronics to drum up sales for televisions.


Dan Denney went heavy on the tables (and the Uptown Funk) by showing off his Spotify listening habits.


Carolyn Taylor used data design to not only categorize and quantify articles in a newsletter, but to show off the buzz surrounding each article, too.


You can check out all of the entries over in the Community Discussion. And keep an eye out for the next Community Contest, which will be announced soon.

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