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Email Design Podcast #96: Litmus Research, Google News, and Image Caching in Yahoo! Mail

In the 96th episode of The Email Design Podcast, Kevin Mandeville and Jason Rodriguez dive into the latest Litmus research, take a look at Google’s new email client, and more. Be sure to follow along and join in the discussion on Twitter using #EmailDesignPodcast.

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In this episode:

  • (0:50) 2017 Email Client Market Share Infographic: The email client market has seen some interesting changes over the last year. Although mobile opens declined slightly, they still dominate the industry. Samsung Mail surprised everyone by entering the top 10 at number 5 and both webmail and desktop opens remained largely the same, with Gmail continuing to gain ground in all areas.
  • (6:30) Yahoo! Mail Introduces Image Caching: What Marketers Must Know: Following Gmail’s lead, Yahoo! Mail will now start caching images in all emails. While this directly affects email marketers by limiting their ability to accurately track opens in Yahoo! Mail (especially for geolocation), you shouldn’t worry too much, as Yahoo! Mail only represents about 2% of opens worldwide.
  • (11:15) 2018 State of Email Report: Our annual report digging into the many changes in the email industry over the last year is now out. Download it today to gain insights into the changing client landscape, which development techniques you need to implement today, and how new privacy regulations affect your email program.
  • (13:48) Google Launches a Lightweight Gmail Go App for Android: Google made another addition to it’s Go line of lightweight apps for emerging markets with the introduction of Gmail Go. Gmail Go is a stripped down, lightweight version of Google’s popular Gmail app. Fortunately, it’s a similar experience to existing Gmail apps and will initially only be used by a very small percentage of users.
  • (22:25) A Snapshot of the Email Professional Infographic : Curious how you stack up to the rest of the email industry? Take a look at industry demographics with this great infographic that dives into who’s building and sending email campaigns, what their jobs entail, and who they’re working for.
  • (26:20) How to Overcome the Biggest Email Marketing Challenges of 2018: We polled over 600 email marketers about eight major email marketing challenges and released our findings in this executive report. Find out what those challenges are and how to face them by downloading the report today.
  • (28:30) Email Marketing Priorities and Budget Changes: See what priorities email marketers are focusing on in 2018 and then have some fun comparing how their budget is backing up those priorities.
  • (32:30) Email of the Week: Check out this beautiful, well-designed, and animated newsletter from the DPDK Digital Agency. It’s a great example of using typography and animation well, consistent design, and a low-touch, mobile-aware template.

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