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How Trendline Interactive Keeps Email Error Rates at Almost Zero with Litmus

Balancing quality and speed is a challenge for every marketing agency. On one side, clients expect error-free, high-quality emails. However, they also expect quick turnaround times and short production cycles. Getting both right makes an email agency a valuable partner for its clients.

When it comes to email quality assurance (QA), the battle between speed and quality becomes more difficult: While a thorough QA process is the best way to catch errors and prevent email mistakes before the send, the process is often time intensive. Nearly 61% of marketers spend an hour or more on testing and troubleshooting for each campaign they send, according to our State of Email Workflows research.

Quality and speed don’t have to collide

Cutting down production and QA times while preventing email mistakes from happening may seem impossible, but Trendline Interactive, one of the largest email agencies in the U.S., with offices in Austin, Chicago, and Portland, is proof that it’s not. By introducing Litmus into their email development and QA processes, Trendline Interactive not only cuts their email QA time in half but also keeps error rates at almost zero. In the past year, 99.63% of all emails sent by Trendline Interactive were error-free.

Trendline’s VP of Email Operations, Molly Privratsky, gives the inside scoop on how her team utilizes Litmus to cut production times and achieve record-low error rates.

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