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Introducing Matt, Joel, and Ben


We’re thrilled to introduce Matt, Joel, and Ben—the newest additions to the Litmus engineering family.


Matt comes to Litmus after spending most of the ‘90s writing Windows desktop apps in C++. After moving on to web apps in Java, he spent some years in Java and PHP before falling in love with Ruby/Rails, his favorite platform. Since joining the team, he’s been focused on improving Scope, Putsmail, Community, and Job Board.

When he’s not busy coding, he’s a total water rat. He used to surf and kitesurf all the time, but since having kids, he’d rather spend his free time with them (but he hopes to teach them how to surf one day!). When he’s not enjoying the outdoors, you can find him jamming on his guitar in a “dad” rock band, reliving the hair metal 80s era.


Joel joins the team as a software engineer, and is currently working on expanding our email preview service capabilities. Prior to joining Litmus, he worked at software company in the healthcare space, and he bounced up and down the tech stack during his time there.

He moved around a bit after college, but eventually settled back into his hometown of Huntsville, AL, where he lives with his wife, almost 1-year-old daughter, cat, and husky.

In his spare time, he loves to be outside, whether it’s biking, playing frisbee golf, or walking his dog. He also enjoys watching Moomin cartoons with his daughter and making Saturday morning cartoons a “thing” again.


Ben spent the last ten years as a senior UNIX systems engineer at and then at Message Systems/Sparkpost working on high volume email systems. At Litmus, he builds and maintains all of the underlying infrastructure that runs Litmus products.

Outside of work, he’s a huge sports fan of anything that involves a ball, puck, or engine. When he’s not cheering on his hometown Dallas sports teams, he likes to unwind by playing competitive racquetball.


Between catered lunches, a remote-friendly environment, 28 vacation days, and so much more, Litmus is a great place to work. And, guess what? We’re hiring!

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