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Introducing Dave, Charlie, & Chris


We’re thrilled to announce that Litmus has acquired Curated, a content curation tool that allows users to easily collect, curate, and publish highly engaging newsletters. Great content plus great design is a critical combination for creating high-quality, engaging emails. They work in tandem and are both necessary for a successful campaign.

With that acquisition comes some great additions to the Litmus family! Introducing Dave Verwer, Charlie Cook, and Chris Mear from Curated:


Dave is the creator and founder of Curated. With 20 years of industry experience, he’s built everything from HR software, crash-testing software, and iOS apps that float virtual balloons around the world.

He started iOS Dev Weekly in 2011, which became the inspiration to create Curated. Eventually, Curated grew from a side project into a business all its own. As part of the Litmus family he’ll continue to run Curated and is excited to plan the next steps to make the product even better.

Outside of work, he loves to travel! With Litmus’ remote-first culture, he’s currently in Bucharest, Romania for a few weeks seeing the sights.


Charlie joins our customer success team, working to provide great support to Litmus and Curated users.

Before coming to Litmus, she worked in the pharmaceutical industry coordinating phase 2 and 3 clinical drug trials, eventually moving to New Zealand to play with sharks and study for a Master’s degree. While there, she taught herself front-end development and coding and became a QA and end-user tester for Curated.

Outside of work, she’s a huge sports fan, a certified scuba diving instructor, and a passionate snowboarder. She’s excited to be a part of the Litmus family and looks forward to ensuring our customers have an amazing experience!


Joining the Litmus team as a software developer for the Curated product, Chris works to make it as simple and as fun as possible to discover, curate, and publish compelling and useful content. He’s excited to contribute to content marketing and curation and to help make a positive difference to content workflows!

Before coming to Litmus, he worked on websites as a freelance developer for everything from environmental activism, marketing and promotions, and international freight shipping.

In his spare time, he maintains an open source web project to help non-profits and community groups get their organizations up and running. He’s also a music lover: he loves to play piano and organ and sings in a chamber choir. When he’s not developing or making music, he’s travelling and spending quality time with his fiancée (he’s getting married this August!), friends, and family.


Between catered lunches, a remote-friendly environment, 28 vacation days, and so much more, Litmus is a great place to work. And, guess what? We’re hiring!

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