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New from Litmus in 2016: iPhone 7+ Updates, Subject Line Checker, and More


The world of email is constantly changing. As email clients and subscriber behaviors fluctuate, Litmus helps you send with confidence, knowing your email looks great and performs better.

With so much going on, you might have missed our newest products and features. We’ve rounded up the latest innovations so you can improve your email workflow in 2017.

What’s New In…Instant Previews

iPhone 7 and iOS 10

iPhone 7 and iOS 10 are now available in Builder and Checklist. As iOS Mail becomes more popular, changes to the mobile operating system and its email rendering can have a big impact on emails. We’re already seeing the implications of new features like list-unsubscribe and autoscaling.

Find out more about what to expect with iOS 10 in our recent post.

We’ve added, a leading email client in Germany, to Builder and Checklist. Less than 20% of Germans opt for a global inbox provider like Gmail or Outlook, choosing instead to read their email through a local inbox provider. is ranked 9th for German market share (though it may be higher for your audience!).

Here’s what you can expect when sending emails to users.

Build Better Emails, Faster

From Partials to CSS Inlining to ESP Syncing, you can automate the mundane aspects of email development and focus on making email better with Litmus Builder. Then, preview your email in 60+ email clients so you can catch costly errors before pressing send.

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What’s New In…Email Workflow Enhancements

Subject Line Checker

Your subject line is your calling card in the inbox. See how your “from” name, subject line, and preview text looks in 15+ email clients before you send with Subject Line Checker.


Subject Line Checker lets you preview updates in real-time as you make changes and alerts you if your subject line or preview text are too long, too short, or use unsupported emojis.

ESP Syncing from Litmus Builder

Save time and reduce the potential for errors with a single click. ESP Syncing automatically updates code changes from Builder to your mailing tool for an improved build process—and peace of mind.

Now, Litmus Builder and your ESP are on the same page: No more switching back and forth!

What’s New In…Educational Resources

If you’re on a Plus plan or above, take your email design, development, and strategy to the next level with a collection of our favorite email insights. Access webinars and conference videos from the left-hand sidebar in your dashboard. Curated from our library of conference sessions and webinars, these videos will help improve your campaigns, from code to copy and workflows to reporting.

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