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Take Your Email Skills to the Next Level with Workshops from Litmus

Email marketing isn’t easy. Besides the ever-changing support for coding techniques, marketers must also face an increasingly crowded inbox and subscribers that demand personalized and relevant emails. Often, they must do so as part of a very small team.

That’s why we created Litmus Live: To bring together the email community and discuss the issues we face every day in the email marketing world. Every year, our workshops on email marketing strategy, responsive design, and advanced coding techniques sell out.

That’s why we’re taking our immersive, hands-on workshops year-round, right here at Litmus HQ in Boston and select U.S. cities.

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Master email strategy, responsive design, and interactive email straight from the experts at Litmus.

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Learn email marketing strategy, email design fundamentals, and coding tips and tricks with Litmus’ Email Marketing Experts

Recorded webinars and online tutorials get outdated quickly. Get up-to-the-minute best practices and guidance from the experts at Litmus. Limited to a small group of participants, these workshops are hands-on, immersive experiences where you’ll get to learn alongside professionals and your peers.

From email design to marketing strategy, you’ll learn techniques and secrets that are practical and that you can apply right away. We’ll also show you the experimental stuff—the things that other email marketers don’t know about. You’ll be able to build emails and cutting-edge campaigns with strategic vision, using techniques most don’t even know exist.

You’ll Learn…

How to create effective, high-performing emails

On March 14th, Research Director Chad White will host an in-person email strategy crash course in Kansas City in a small group setting. You’ll learn how to build an effective email program and create emails that are respectful, functional, valuable, and remarkable. You’ll come away with a wealth of ideas regarding list building, subject line optimization, personalization, frequency, and more.

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Make the most out of a trip to Litmus HQ. We’ve set up workshops on consecutive days so you can attend both, if you wish:

The fundamentals of email design and development

Join Jason Rodriguez on April 5th at Litmus HQ for a detailed look at the basics of coding for email. This workshop digs into the individual elements that go into every email campaign, including typography, images, links, and buttons, and how to create those elements using responsive HTML and CSS . This workshop is perfect for the beginner or intermediate designer looking to refine their skills, or the general email marketer who wants a better understanding of email design and development.

You will leave with a strong understanding of the principles behind email design and development, along with plenty of resources and code examples to take home and incorporate into your own campaigns.

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How to take your email coding skills to the next level

Join Kevin Mandeville on April 6th at Litmus HQ to walk through advanced email client targeting methods, such as Outlook conditional comments, to more efficiently identify and troubleshoot rendering problems.

The workshop will largely focus on progressive enhancement techniques and delivering optimized experiences for subscribers. Topics include designing and developing CSS animation, interactive email, and dynamic email design and content.

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Take your skills to the next level with Litmus’ email workshops

Master email strategy, responsive design, and interactive email straight from the experts at Litmus.

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