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Litmus Live, London: Memorable Takeaways + Tweets

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We wrapped up the final leg of Litmus Live 2015 in London—and it was chock-full of email geekery. For two days, hundreds of email lovers (from all around the world) gathered to learn and share how to produce great looking—and performing—emails.

Speakers from the UK, Bahrain, Canada, and the US presented on a wide variety of topics, including accessibility in email, producing emails at scale, and writing subject lines. Speakers and attendees alike shared tips and inspiration all aimed at a common goal: to make email better.


While some amazing sessions from Boston were brought across the pond, like Mark Robbins’ chat on “Building Interactive Email”—whose entire presentation was actually an email–and Fabio Carneiro’s talk on creating responsive emails without using media queries, we also had a lot of new, amazing additions to the London event.

Email Notifications for Your Blog

MailPoet’s Becs Rivett Kemm presented the benefits of manual vs. automated blog emails and gave some quick wins to jazz up your blog emails and get readers inspired to read your content.

A Type of Accessibility

Beyond the Envelope Founder Paul Airy chatted about the challenges of developing accessible emails and how HTML typography can help solve some of those difficulties.

Turning Big Data into Intimate Moments

Alex Timlin, Head of Client Success at Emarsys, covered how to blend big data and creativity to bridge the gap between the data scientist and the marketer to create campaigns that make a personal impact.

Going International: How to Localize Your Campaigns

Playing off of Ros Hodgekiss and Jacques Corby-Tuech’s talk from Boston, Elliot Ross from Action Rocket and Jaina Mistry from Padawan Group provided tips and examples to help you solve design challenges and address code considerations for sending localized campaigns.

Email Production at Scale

Alex Ilhan, email developer at display block, talked about how to optimize your email production process by streamlining email builds, managing snippets, and adding tools to your process.

Five Emails Every Business Needs to Send After Signup

How do you convert your subscribers to paying customers? In this session, Alan O’Rourke from WorkCompass shared the actions a user must take (and the emails you must send) to get them to pay for your services or products.

Shorthand Coding: Write Twice the Amount of Code in Half the Time

Litmus’ own email designer, Kevin Mandeville, live coded an email in less than two minutes (yes, an actual email!). He covered how to use Emmett, code snippets, and other shortcuts to supercharge your email development workflow.

Does Your Subject Line Suck?

Seems like a simple question, doesn’t it? Parry Malm, CEO of Phrasee, showed why the emotional power of your subject line is really what matters—and actual statistics about how you can make your subject lines better.


Who recaps the conference better (and more honestly) than the attendees themselves? Two attendees have already written about their experience in London:


While the conference was full of actionable takeaways, it was also full of fun. Between doodles, pillows (or are they cushions?), photobooth photos, and Fabio Carneiro’s birthday, there wasn’t a dull moment in London.

Impressive doodling

Aaron Simmonds had some amazing doodles! You can check them all out on Twitter, but here are a few of our favorites:

So. much. swag.

Photobooth fun

Happy birthday, Fabio!

Thanks for spending it geeking out over email with us.

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