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The Ultimate Email QA Checklist: 29 Things to Check Before You Send


Spelling error in a blog post? No worries. You can easily update it.

Broken link in a LinkedIn post? Click edit and revise. Problem solved.

Wrong URL in a podcast spot? Costly mistake, but you can redirect quickly.

Mistake in an email? Uh-oh. That’s something you can’t fix.

We’re human. We all make mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes are more fixable than others and won’t negatively impact your brand. Other times, you’re not so lucky.

When it comes to email, most mistakes are permanent. There’s no “un-send” button. And since email has the highest ROI among digital channels, these mistakes can be very costly.

To avoid errors, every email—even pre-tested templates—should be tested before every send. While every brand has their own specific checks (like using sentence case for headlines or including a privacy policy), we’ve gathered 29 of the most common—and critical—checks for every campaign.

The Email Marketing Checklist guides you through the steps of creating great emails—and gives you tips for avoiding common email mistakes. It covers how to:

  • Define your goals and audience.
  • Optimize your inbox view.
  • Craft your content.
  • Optimize your design.
  • Gather insights.
  • Get your email delivered.

Avoid costly email mistakes

Use the Email Marketing Checklist on your next campaign—and rest assured you’re putting your best email foot forward.

Download the checklist →

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Originally published on May 20, 2016, by Lauren Smith. Last updated August 19, 2021.