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The Top 5 Email Design Podcast Episodes of 2017

This year, Kevin Mandeville and Jason Rodriguez hosted more than 40 Email Design Podcasts, jam-packed with exciting tips and tricks, industry news, and inspiring guests. If you haven’t haven’t been able to keep up with all of them, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the Top 5 Email Design Podcast episodes of 2017:

1. Episode 52: An Inside Look at Hillary Clinton Campaign’s Email Marketing Strategy with Amanda Litman

In this episode of the Email Design Podcast, Kevin and Jason sit down with Amanda Litman, former Email Director of the 2016 Hillary Clinton Campaign and co-founder of Run for Something. They discuss how she got involved in email, her process in developing Hillary Clinton’s email campaigns, the major differences in the email marketing strategies of Obama’s and Clinton’s campaign, and more.

2. Episode 56: CSS Grid Support Comes to Email and Gmail App Launches Payments

In this podcast episode from April 2017, we talk about the demographics of the email professional today, as well as CSS grid support coming to a set of email clients, including Mail iOS 10.3, Apple Mail, Outlook for Mac, AOL Mail, and Alto Mail.

Plus, we chat about an exciting update to the Gmail mobile app: The Gmail App on Android introduced native payments support via Google Wallet, which might be the first step toward a deeper integration with other providers such as PayPal and Eventbrite to achieve a true checkout experience in email.

3. Episode 60: How CodePen Approaches Email Design and Marketing with Chris Coyier

CSS guru and CodePen Founder Chris Coyier shares how he started learning HTML and CSS, and provides a peek at the vision of CodePen and how it approaches email design and marketing. Plus, we talk about why the web development world has such a negative view on HTML email, and why better education around how much email rendering support has evolved is key to changing that perception.

4. Episode 69: Should We Stop Inlining CSS or Using Table-Based Layouts?

The need for inlined CSS and table-based layouts are two major factors that set email design apart from web design—and are two of the key reasons why developing emails can be a painful process. But are both still necessary?

In this episode, Kevin provides an overview of what email clients still requires inlined CSS and table-based layouts, walks through why Litmus chose not to inline the CSS in our first newsletter of 2017, and why it might be a good idea for you, too.

5. Episode 75: A Truly Table-less Email Layout and Litmus Launches a Chrome Extension

Covering some of the highlights from Litmus Live London, this episodes walks through Mark Robbins’ truly table-less email layout—a single-column layout that uses no tables (even for Outlook)—and how Rémi Parmentier’s discovered how you can take pictures within an email on iOS.

Plus, we touch on the Litmus Extension, using Typekit fonts in email, and more.


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