Litmus Live Week Replays

Five days of live and on-demand presentations full of inspiration, how-tos, and tips to show the value of placing email first in your marketing mix.

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With sessions and presentations from

Ann Handley Marketing Profs
Chad White Oracle
Marco Noceda Chronos Agency
Nikki Elbaz Copyhackers
Kevin Tyler UCLA School of Nursing
Melissa Sargeant Litmus
April Mullen & Amie Durr SparkPost
Samantha Kiley LogMeIn
Mark Robbins Salesforce
Benjamin Djang Talent Inc
Mike Nelson Really Good Emails
Jessica Owen Policygenius
Samar Owais Strategist
Tom Fishburne Marketoonist
Leah Lloyd Tinuiti
Tamsen Webster Strategist

The replays are now live!

Each day, you’ll find a mix of exclusive live sessions along with a selection of presentations available on-demand to fit your schedule. Take a peek at what’s on tap each day!

How to Create an Email Newsletter People Will Clear Their Calendars to Read: 7 Lessons from the Past 7 Months
Live Optimization: Newsletters
Getting the Green Light: How to Build Messages People Say Yes To
Optimizing the Sales & Marketing Partnership: A Fireside Chat with Outreach
Live Optimization
Designing Emails for Equity & Inclusion
Interactivity Insights: A Fireside Chat with Salesforce
The Conversational Case: How to script the stories that sell ideas
Live Optimization
Do Email Subscription Pop-ups Really Work?
Online Tools, Offline Conversions: How Policygenius & Redfin Found Success
Cause and Effect: A Fireside Chat on Inclusivity in Marketing
Live Optimization: Interactivity
The Factors that Affect Email Deliverability
Email First Awards & Litmus Certified Celebration
Email for Enterprises: A Fireside Chat with Capital One
Expanding Email's Relevance for Gen Z (And Whatever Comes After Z?)
Using All Channels in Concert
Strategizing Email Marketing Towards Your Marketing Goals
Proactivity for the (Deliverability!) Win
Lessons Learned: How to Create a Successful Newsletter on the Fly
Centralized Communication in Higher Education: the Pros and Cons
Choose Your Own Adventure: Prospecting or Personalization without Data
Using Email as a Virtual Venue
Panel Discussion: Email Marketing in the Nonprofit World
Scrappy & From Scratch: Building an Email Production System as a 1-Person Team
Creating Opportunity in the Face of a New Normal: A Fireside Chat with Oracle
3 Things to Keep Your Subscribers Engaged When They're Distracted
Going Agile: The New Standard for Email Efficiency & Success
Email Workflow: More than Just a Process
Improving Your Production Process with an Email Design System
Process Makes Perfect (At Least in Email)
Measuring Email's Impact Against Your Goals: A Fireside Chat with SAP
Emails Done Right: A 3-Step Process to Conversion
Become a Personalization Hero with AMPScript
Overlays & Absolute Positioning in Email
What Alexa Can Learn from Email Marketers
Snip It Before You Ship It
Brand Protection Through Source Control & Continuous Deployment
AMP Up Email Interactivity to the Next Level
CSS Art in Email
Dropping the Tag: Data Visualization without Images
Beyond the Shiny New Thing to the Marketing Mindset in the Digital World
Proper Grammar Ain't Always Proper: Writing What's Best for Your Audience
Building a Newsletter That's Strange and Wonderful
What Happens When the Doors Are Closed: A Fireside Chat with the Adler Planetarium
Why Your Abandoned Cart Emails are Abandoning You
The Right Content, the Right Channel, the Right Time: A Fireside Chat with Independent Femail
Making an Impact with Dynamic Content
Make Every Email a Unicorn
Courage to Fail: Why & How to Take Risks in Your Email Copy
10 Minutes On... Email Market Share
10 Minutes On... The Litmus Evolution
10 Minutes On... Demystifiying AI in Send Time Optimization
10 Minutes On... Gmail Tabs
10 Minutes On... Expanding Interactive Techniques
“Litmus Live is all about email. It’s where email nerds get together to discuss strategy, data, analytics, and design. So, if you love email—or it’s integral to your job—it should be on your list of must-go conferences.”
Kenda MacDonald, Automation Ninjas