Gain visibility, security, and control

Maintain control over user access

Easily authenticate and manage user access with single sign-on powered by SAML—all while allowing your team to enjoy a streamlined login process, accessing Litmus with a single click. Support for Okta, OneLogin, and generic identity providers.

Protect your account from unauthorized use

Add an additional layer of security and prevent unauthorized access with two-step verification that requires two forms of authentication—a password and SMS verification—during sign in.

Enforce internal security standards

Tailor Litmus’ security settings to meet the unique requirements of your business with custom password rules and session timeout lengths.

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Advanced security features

Single Sign-On integration with SAML

Control user access through single sign-on with SAML and streamline the login process to a single click.

Two-step verification

Require users to verify their identity through a SMS verification code and add a second layer of login security on top of strong passwords.

Custom password requirements

Require a baseline of complexity, blocklist common phrases, and set expiry times to ensure your team’s passwords are secure.

Custom session lengths

Prevent unauthorized access by automatically logging users out after a set period of inactivity—customizable to fit your team’s needs.

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