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You can’t afford to guess what’s working in your email marketing. Understand your subscribers like never before with richer, more reliable data.

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Brands that use Litmus Email Analytics achieve a 43% higher ROI than those that don’t. Go beyond opens and clicks and see what you’ve been missing.

See reliable opens, read time, Dark Mode usage & more

Integrate with your ESP or other data sources

Share custom reports with stakeholders

Altos agency uses Litmus and Mailchimp together to send better emails for their clients.

“Litmus Email Analytics allowed us to pivot the client’s email strategy based on engagement data and create more effective emails. As a result, they saw a 35% increase in open rates.”


Connor Snell, Social Media & Content Strategist, Altos

Get valuable insights and improve your future email campaigns

It’s tough to reach your email marketing goals if you’re making decisions based on data that’s limited, unreliable, or siloed.

With Litmus Email Analytics, you get insights that help you truly understand your subscribers. You and your team can make design and content decisions with confidence, knowing they’re backed by meaningful, accurate data.

Preview of Litmus Email Analytics which shows opens, privacy-impacted opens, read and engagement time, Dark Mode Usage, and more.

Make every email better than the last

Don’t guess what your subscribers will respond to. Litmus reveals how subscribers are engaging with your emails — including device usage, Dark Mode, read time, and more. It’s easy to spot trends and create winning strategies around what’s really resonating.

Get a better picture of email performance with Litmus Email Analytics

Access better analytics and avoid uninformed decisions

With data privacy protection measures on the rise, it’s more important than ever to make sure your analytics give you the full picture. We automatically filter out opens impacted by Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection so you can focus on true engagement data and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Get integrated insights between Litmus and key email service providers like Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Oracle Eloqua, and Adobe Marketo.

The insights you need, integrated

Stop wasting time scouring and merging data sources. With Integrated Insights for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Oracle Eloqua, and Marketo, you can see all your analytics in one place. You’ll uncover new insights that would be impossible to spot with siloed data.

Share custom reports with your team to boost visibility of key insights.

Get powerful data into everyone’s hands.

Quickly create and share custom reports and spot the trends you’ve been missing. When it’s easy to get the right data to the right people, everyone is empowered to innovate and optimize future emails.

Discover the insights you’ve been missing.

Try Litmus and unlock a richer, more integrated look at your data – and a proven boost in ROI. Start testing your first email in just two minutes – it’s free!

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Email Analytics FAQs

Nope! We make it easy to create and implement tracking codes so you can get the insights you need without extra work.

Yes! Within the Previews & QA checklist, we surface Email Client Recommendations. When you track your emails with Litmus Email Analytics, we’ll recommend email clients that are popular with your specific audience so you can prioritize testing and design decisions accordingly.

There are a couple of ways you can do this. First, if you use Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Oracle Eloqua, and/or Marketo, we’ll automatically combine key insights for you in the Integrated Insights Report. If you use a different ESP, you can easily export individual-level data from Litmus in a CSV file.

Litmus actively promotes PII compliance and prevents the collection of personal information by default. When creating a tracking code in Litmus you are asked to choose the ESP that you will use to send the email.  We will automatically insert a relevant and PII compliant unique user identifier upon selection of your ESP from the drop-down menu.

Many customers have shared their success stories with us. One customer, Altos, worked with a non-profit organization that facilitates clothing donations. Since their email list was a lot larger than their social audience, Altos informed their social messaging strategy based on their email results and they saw a 24% increase in website traffic from Facebook year-over-year. Check out other Litmus Email Analytics customer success stories here.

Yes! We’ve made it easy to create custom analytics reports and share them with your team. Plus, if you’re using Integrated Insights you can subscribe to a weekly digest to automatically let you know how your emails performed in the last week.