Optimize for the most important email clients and devices

No more broken emails with Litmus Email Previews

Preview your emails across 100+ email clients, apps, and devices to ensure an on-brand, error-free subscriber experience.

Protect your brand reputation with every email send

Email clients update every 2 days. And that means more chances for display errors (and less conversions). How can you keep up? Litmus helps you get more out of your emails with the power to test and preview in 100+ email clients—including Dark Mode—in one spot. In seconds.

“Litmus allows us to catch errors more easily and helps us be more aware of how our emails look to our subscribers—insights we did not have before.”


Sean Kennedy, Product Marketer at Zapier

No matter your role in the process, marketer or developer, Litmus has the email testing tool for you

Preview emails as you build, wherever you build

Get rid of manual steps and save critical time. Litmus works where you do! Quickly preview and iterate as you build in Litmus Builder or—with the Litmus Chrome Extension—alongside your desktop or ESP code editor.

Litmus features

Ensure every send is on-brand and error-free

Catch costly errors with automated pre-send checks in Litmus Test. Instantly see how your email looks in the inbox, analyze subject lines, verify links, ensure email accessibility, and more so you can drive the best results.

Optimize for every subscriber and every inbox

Say good-bye to broken emails. Ensure a flawless brand and subscriber experience no matter where your email is opened. Check out the 100+ email clients available for testing in Litmus:

Join the 700,000+ marketers who use Litmus to build and test quality emails, maintaining a great brand and subscriber experience, every time.

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