Litmus makes it easy to streamline your email workflow and see results

Increase efficiency and productivity

Speed up production with seamless integrations into top-tier ESPs, like SalesforceEloquaResponsys and Marketo.

Technology and integrations

Drive results and positive brand experiences

Create campaigns that break through the noise, deliver the best ROI, and generate insights to strengthen future marketing.

Pre-send testing

Optimize email marketing performance

Identify trends; optimize design, content, and testing; and enable better personalization across your marketing mix.

Analytics and insights

Simplify collaboration and reduce review cycles

Centralize feedback and get approvals quickly by sharing access to email designs and HTML proofs directly with stakeholders.


Reinforce brand trust and security

Keep data secure with separate subaccounts, customizable security rules, and insights gathered with no PII required.

Litmus Trust

Partner with industry-leading experts

Our Customer Success teams help you get the most from Litmus. And stay on top of trends with our research.

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Save time and effort with a complete & seamless email workflow

Build, review, test, and analyze emails in a single view. Easily push changes across all Litmus features in one click to speed up production and ensure quality.

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A better way to review and approve emails

Litmus Proof improves collaboration and cuts review cycles with a single, robust, centralized tool for providing feedback and approvals without having to comment on each individual email preview. Slack notifications notify stakeholders when action is required. And if a change is needed, easily jump back to Builder, make the update, and push it live to instantly update the proof, keeping stakeholders on the same page at all times.

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Stay organized and customize your brand’s process

A centralized folder system makes finding and sorting email projects a breeze. Keep campaign development on track with due dates, statuses, and customizable task lists to ensure every process adheres to your brand’s specific needs.

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Test on the most up to date email clients and devices

Rest assured you’re testing on the most up-to-date email clients and devices. Litmus actively supports the widest variety of email clients and devices available for testing.

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Easily test dynamic, personalized email content

Efficiently test multiple variations of dynamic content in a single click right where you build with Litmus Extension. Dynamic content testing is supported in Marketo, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and Oracle Responsys.

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Email previews that won’t slow you down

Speed up your email production process with email previews that render in seconds rather than minutes.

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Keep your account safe with advanced security features

Secure your email content with strict access control such as customizable password requirements.

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Easily manage teams with separate subaccounts

Gain complete visibility and control with separate subaccounts for each of your clients or teams.

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