Because of the pandemic, companies have shifted their focus online with 54% expecting to send more emails this year than last.1 And that means a lot more competition in an already crowded inbox. Here are some ways you can rise above the rest with more data-driven, personalized emails.

Give your subscribers what they want

Email personalization is more than just a first name. It’s about tailoring your emails to your subscribers’ needs, and that can be done in any number of ways. When done right, personalized emails generate a median ROI of 122%.1

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How can Litmus help?

With Litmus' recent updates, get and share insights from Litmus Email Analytics to understand what content, segmentation, and calls-to-action resonate with your subscribers—so you can send more personalized, effective campaigns.

“Litmus is able to show us not only which email clients our customers are using and rendering across those email clients, but it’s also going to show us things like geolocation and how they’re engaging within the emails. It pays for itself in the long run in terms of ROI and uplift.”

Stephanie McKay // LuckyVitamin

Get a single, holistic view of email campaign performance with real-time engagement data from Litmus Email Analytics within your email service provider or business intelligence platform.

Quickly identify what’s working and share results with custom reports in Litmus Email Analytics. You can filter by date, email type, and/or tags.

Ensure every email is being tracked, so you can always get the insights you need to drive even better results. You’ll get notified if your email is missing its Litmus Email Analytics tracking code.

See for yourself (for free)

With ongoing updates and enhancements, you can count on Litmus solutions to help you engage your audience with the right message in the right way. And that’s just the beginning.