Because of the pandemic, companies have shifted their focus online with 54% expecting to send more emails this year than last.1 Combine that with inconsistencies in how emails display across email clients, it’s no wonder design is a top challenge! Here are some resources to help your email design stay sharp and rise above the rest.

Deliver pixel perfect emails no matter the inbox

How email clients display emails changes about every two days. One of the biggest design trends this year has been Dark Mode. And with 33% of opens coming from Apple iPhone and 36% of those being read in Dark Mode2, you might want to pay attention.

2020 State of Email Engagement

Dig deeper into where your audience opens emails, including early Dark Mode trends.

The Ultimate Guide to Dark Mode Email

Learn how to optimize your emails for Dark Mode.

How Design Systems Empower Email Teams Everywhere

Maintain consistently on-brand, high quality emails with an email design system.

The Future of the Inbox

Learn how AMP, interactive email, design trends, and more are changing the inbox experience.

Email design trends

See what else has been trending: dark styles, organic shapes, geometry, photography, and 3D imagery.

How can Litmus help?

With Litmus' recent updates, ensure a great brand experience wherever and however your subscribers check email.

“Litmus allows us to catch errors more easily and helps us be more aware of how our emails look to our subscribers—insights we did not have before.”

Sean Kennedy // Zapier

Detect how many of your subscribers read your emails in Dark Mode to focus your optimization efforts.

See which clients and devices your subscribers are actually using with Email Client Recommendations inside of Checklist.

Get notified of newly supported email clients and devices (we're always adding more—like iOS 14!), so you can rest assured you're checking your campaigns in the latest environments.

See for yourself (for free)

With ongoing updates and enhancements, you can count on Litmus solutions to help you engage your audience with the right message in the right way. And that’s just the beginning.