Because of the pandemic, email is taken much more seriously—and that means more people are involved in the review and approval process than last year.1 Here are some resources to help you be more agile and coordinate better with other teams.

Get Feedback and Collaborate In A Snap

The approval process has become nearly 43% more burdensome this year and is overwhelmingly the number one part of the process marketers want to spend less time on (53% of you, in fact).2 So let’s see how we can nip that in the bud.

2020 State of Email Report, Fall Edition

Learn about (and overcome) the most common obstacles in the approval process.

2020 State of Email Workflows

See more trends and data on reviews & approvals to identify opportunities for improvement.

Email pre-send toolkit

Build a solid foundation and get everyone on the same page for smooth email sending.

Going Agile: The New Email Workflow

Take small steps to save time on feedback & collaboration (and every other step in the email process).

How can Litmus help?

With Litmus’ recent updates, it’s never been easier to work together. Get the right people involved—with the right level of access—at every step. No more scattered comments or email mistakes.

“Litmus has made it possible for our team to save 30-60 minutes per email build. When campaigns number in the thousands per month, that significantly improves allocation of resources and productivity.”

Pam McAtee // Epsilon

Collaborate on multi-email campaigns or dynamic content versions all at once with folder sharing.

Import design files directly from popular cloud storage solutions to gather feedback faster—without having to hop between tools.

Scale email efforts safely with advanced user permissions so anyone can jump in without accidentally messing up design assets or HTML code.

See for yourself (for free)

With ongoing updates and enhancements, you can count on Litmus solutions to streamline your email process every step of the way. And that’s just the beginning.