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Litmus makes it easier than ever to create highly effective email campaigns in Oracle Responsys. Build, test, and analyze your way to higher conversions.

Ensure every email is on brand and looks great. The Litmus Responsys integration puts a powerful set of collaboration tools at your fingertips to organize, build, test, review, and analyze.

Test with Litmus as you build in Responsys. Plus, keep teams connected with Slack, Trello, and cloud storage integrations, too.

Get access to data you won’t find with Responsys alone. From read rates to geolocations, Litmus provides the details you need to fine-tune personalization and segmentation with every send.

Litmus Extension in ESPs

Improve your pre-send testing

Litmus puts a powerful set of pre-send testing tools at your fingertips. Use Litmus Email Previews and Litmus Checklist to see how your emails render on 90+ clients and devices. The Litmus Extension for Responsys helps you validate links and images, verify subject lines, and test dynamic content with a single click. Ensure each email looks great in every inbox, across any kind of personalization settings.

Litmus Analytics

Get deeper post-send insights

With Litmus, you’ll see exactly how subscribers are responding to your Responsys emails and know which messages have the biggest impact. Discover which devices and apps your subscribers use most, and when forwarding and sharing rates reach record highs. By extracting the right insights, you can improve segmentation and personalize with every Responsys email you send.

Litmus Analytics for EPSs

Improve performance across channels

With Litmus Email Analytics to tell you which emails are having the biggest impact in Responsys, you can quickly apply those analytics to other key channels. From social to search to paid campaigns, your entire organization will be empowered with new insights. It’s the easiest, fastest way to increase conversions across your entire marketing mix.

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