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We believe the best way to earn and maintain your trust is to be as transparent as possible when it comes to how we process and share your personal data in connection with our provision of Services to you. Below is an overview of what information we process, who it is shared with, and how it is used.

Each subprocessor may process certain data in connection with its provision of services to Litmus, which in turn support the delivery of Services by Litmus to its customers.

Due Diligence

We take the handling of your personal data seriously. Each subprocessor is vetted and reviewed to ensure that they impose the same level of data protection and information security that we provide to our customers.

Data Protection

Litmus has entered into contractual arrangements (e.g., service agreements, data protection agreements (DPAs)) with each of our subprocessors to ensure that your data is securely processed. All subprocessors are required to implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure an appropriate level of security is in place for the processing of data.

Data Classification

Please refer to the Privacy Policy for information about what we collect and the purpose for its use


The following data is owned or controlled by Litmus. This data is processed and maintained to help us provide Litmus platform and services to you, for our internal business operations and to improve and enhance our service offerings.

  • Application data and statistics
  • Usage, engagement, and initiatives data

Personal data consists of data that Litmus collects directly from users of the Litmus platform and from individuals who opt-in to communication and content delivery from Litmus. This data is collected for normal business use such as authentication, identification, and authorization. Some of this data may be shared with subprocessors to bring services or value to users of the Litmus platform. Litmus does not engage in the sale of any data.

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Company Name
  • IP Address
Litmus Personnel Data

Litmus processes certain personal data related to its potential, current and former personnel (e.g., job applications, benefits administration, to provision accounts for business operations, etc.). If you have inquiries related to data under this category, please contact the IT team.

Subprocessor Information

Below, you will find a list of the subprocessors used by Litmus to process customer personal data in connection with its business operations and the delivery of services. Please note that not all subprocessors are used in the provision of all services made available by Litmus. Some subprocessors are only involved in assisting with the provision of specific Litmus services. Please see the Data Classification section of this document for more details on what data subprocessors may handle.

Hosting Services
NameSummary of ServicesLocation
Amazon Web Services Inc.Cloud Service Provider, IaaS, PaaSUnited States
EU option for Litmus Personalize
MacStadium, Inc.Hosting Services, IaaSUnited States


Platform Performance
NameSummary of ServicesLocation
Auth0, Inc.Authentication and authorization servicesUnited States
Castle Intelligence, Inc.Security and fraud risk managementUnited States
Heap, Inc.Data analytics servicesUnited States
Periscope, Inc.Reporting and analytics toolUnited States, Inc.Data services API integration toolUnited States
Snowflake, Inc.Data warehouseUnited States
Wingify Software Private Limited (aka VWO)A/B Testing toolUnited States


Customer Support and Communications
NameSummary of ServicesLocation
Appcues, Inc.In-app notifications and messaging to platform visitors and usersUnited States
Campaign Monitor PYT LTDEmail marketing tool, ESP, transactional email processingUnited States, Inc.Customer support and communication toolUnited States
Help Scout, Inc.Customer support and communication toolUnited States
Marketo, Inc.Communication and content toolUnited States


Email and Spam Testing Services

In order to provide Email Previews and Spam Testing services we process the emails and HTML sent to us. A full list of service providers used to deliver these services can be found here:


Customer Engagement & Support and Sales Operations
NameSummary of ServicesLocation
AtlassianCustomer feedback processing and customer support toolsUnited States
Gong I.O LtdCommunication and CRM toolUnited States
Mutiny HQ CorporationMarketing personalizationUnited States
Outreach.ioSales engagementUnited States
RingLeadCRM data managementUnited States, inc.Internal CRM systemUnited States


Invoicing and Payment Processing
NameSummary of ServicesLocation
Blackline Systems, Inc.Accounting platformUnited States
Worldpay (fka Vantiv)Payment processorUnited States
ZuoraSubscription management and billing automationUnited States

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