No matter where your email marketing takes you next, you can count on Litmus to build, test, and optimize like never before.

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Create unlimited email variations using data from your CRM, product feeds, and other sources.

Uniquely personalized, engaging email experiences that convert

Litmus Personalize, powered by Kickdynamic, empowers your team to automate and scale the creation of personalized individual email experiences and harness the power of AI-driven recommendations to boost customer loyalty and drive revenue. It’s never been easier to quickly produce individualized emails for every unique subscriber.


Combine email performance data in Eloqua with Litmus into one single view to improve campaign results

Powerful, actionable insights at a glance

Up-level your email strategy with actionable insights you don’t have to go digging for. The new Email Performance Indicators in Litmus’ Integrated Insights Report automatically surface emails that are performing well – or not – and what you can learn from them. With visual identifiers and suggested next steps, you can say goodbye to tedious data analysis and focus on driving results.


Stay organized and get more emails to market, faster

With the new ability to choose exactly where your email syncs to in your ESP and add nicknames for multiple ESP connections, Litmus ESP Sync works with your custom campaign organization strategy, making it easier than ever to build, test, and review emails without switching between tools.

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Recent Email Previews Support & Updates

We’ve added support for Windows 11 Mail (Light & Dark mode), Outlook 2021 (Light & Dark mode), and Android Outlook 11 (Light & Dark mode).

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