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New in Litmus: Create and Collaborate on Shared Resources in Design Library


Ask any email marketer or developer: Creating an email from scratch is tedious. According to our research, it takes an average of 3.8 hours to code an email—and that’s including the fact that 39% of emails are built by changing the text or image in an existing template, and 22% of emails are built using a library of standard components, snippets, and partials.

Even if you’re using shared resources to help streamline the process, locating them—and ensuring they’re the most up-to-date version—is time-consuming and increases the chances of sending off-brand, broken emails. The more emails you work on, the more important it is to have everything you need in one place—and if you’re hunting down information from multiple places and people, that’s a waste of time for everyone.

When it comes to your emails, we want to make the creation process as easy as possible. Enter: our new Design Library!

Store shared resources in one centralized location

Growing demands on your email team means more risk for mistakes slipping through. With the Design Library in Litmus, you can centralize key components of email campaigns to more easily collaborate, ensure brand integrity, and scale email production across your team.

Multiple ESPs? Distributed team? No problem. Gone are the days of locating and updating resources across multiple ESPs, code editors, and storage solutions—our Design Library is your centralized place, no matter how your team works. (Plus, if you switch ESPs, you don’t need to worry about manually moving all of your templates over.)

The Design Library makes it easier for email developers to create and share templates with other developers that are just starting out and learning—or even non-developers. Plus, using the Design Library within subaccounts lets you keep all of your assets separated as needed, whether it be by region, client, or business unit.

It’s easy to build emails & collaborate with Design Library, too

With all of your templates, code snippets, and partials in one place, it’s easy to put them to good use within Litmus Builder for anyone, not just your team’s email developers.

Simply choose the template you want to use, edit the elements you’d like to change, save, and push your email to Litmus Proof or Checklist without having to copy and paste code, minimizing errors and saving time.

Even if you don’t use Litmus Builder to code your emails, Design Library gives you a place to store reusable assets, like templates, so there is a single source of truth for your entire team regardless of where they choose to build. 

Get a full system of record for each item in your library

Another helpful feature of Design Library is a full system of record for your email templates, partials, and snippets—a preview image of the template you’ve chosen, when it was last edited, who last edited it, and a preview of the template’s code. This helps your team know which templates may need to be revisited.

Get started with Design Library today

Design Library is now available for all Litmus plans. If you’re a Litmus customer, go ahead and get started with your new home for your shared email resources.

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