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Easier and faster ways to review emails with Litmus Proof enhancements

The latest enhancements to Litmus Proof help you get more error-free campaigns to market, faster, by making it even easier for all stakeholders to provide email input and approvals. With the ability to review and approve emails with the click of a button—no login required—and new automated reminders, stakeholders can provide email input without missing a beat.


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Boost efficiency in your email creation process with Litmus Builder updates

Creating great emails is no easy task. Litmus Builder is designed specifically for email and our latest enhancements empower you to build impactful emails more efficiently than ever by providing a better way to focus on the project at hand, easily build up your email design system, and seamlessly optimize elements that help your email make an exceptional impression on subscribers.


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Leverage reliable insights with Litmus Email Analytics

Litmus remains committed to providing marketers with powerful, dependable, and actionable insights that can be used to increase marketing effectiveness and will empower marketers by separating the Apple Privacy-Impacted Opens from their reliable opens. And now with easy to use keyword search and filters in the Integrated Insights Report, it’s never been easier to isolate and analyze data to reveal the insights that matter most.


New Litmus Integrations

Save time and get more error-free emails to market, faster—without the need to manually copy and paste code between tools. Now, Litmus users can preview as they build in Adobe Journey Optimizer and Intilery, catching and fixing any issues before they send.

Recent Previews and Support

Recent Email Previews Support & Updates

We’ve added support for the new iPhone 13 (iOS15, Light and Dark Mode), iPhone 13 Pro Max (iOS 15, Light and Dark Mode), iPad mini (Gen 6, iPadOS 15, Light and Dark Mode), and Windows 10 Mail Dark.


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