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Visual Editor in Litmus Builder

What if you could get more high quality emails out the door while giving your email developers or agency the time they need to drive innovation? Now you can with Visual Editor in Litmus Builder. A complement to our HTML Code Editor built for developers, Visual Editor in Litmus Builder enables flexible, intuitive email creation so anyone—no matter their technical skills—can quickly produce emails.

  • Scale email production across your team with no lengthy setup or training, and no messy code
  • Control editing and lock down elements to ensure every email is on-brand
  • Preview, test, and review emails with key stakeholders in one centralized location

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Email Analytics Enhancements

Do you find it challenging to manually create custom email reports so you can share key insights with your team? Recent enhancements to Litmus Email Analytics make it easy to understand what content, segmentation, and calls-to-action resonate with your subscribers and share that knowledge with your team to boost visibility, collaboration, and overall marketing success.

  • Save custom reports, filtering emails by date, email type, and/or tags
  • Easily share saved reports across your team to inform your marketing strategy
  • Intuitively tag your emails to keep emails organized

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Folder sharing and sorting

Do you spend more time than you’d like finding and collaborating on multiple emails at once? Folder sharing in Litmus makes it easy to get full visibility into the status of every email within a folder and loop in the right stakeholders at every step of the email workflow.

  • Share multiple emails for review and approval in a single click
  • Maintain full control over stakeholder folder access
  • Get full visibility into email project statuses and those that need your attention

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Enterprise plan usage reporting dashboard

As an Account Holder, you need to securely manage account and subaccount access and understand your team’s usage trends to ensure you have the Litmus Enterprise plan best fit for your needs. That’s why we created a dashboard to give you complete usage visibility and convenient account control.

  • Understand how your team uses Litmus so you can choose the best fit Enterprise plan
  • Easily control user access in one, centralized location
  • Plan ahead for your next renewal and manage invoices

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Recent Email Previews Support & Updates

In Q3, we’ve added support for Android 9 Gmail App, Dark and Light modes on the Android 10 Gmail App, Dark Mode, and iPhone SE (2nd generation).

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