Harness the power of AI for email marketing

Work smarter, not harder, with cutting-edge technology.

You need to create impactful emails that speak to your customer base. At Litmus, we’ve long been proud to help equip you with the powerful and cutting-edge technology you need to reach that goal. Today, in a world where technology is able to act as a partner, not just a tool, we’re committed to helping you navigate and embrace artificial intelligence (AI) with integrity and confidence.

Protect your emails from unexpected changes with Litmus Email Guardian

Gain peace of mind with Litmus Email Guardian

Email Guardian, only available at Litmus, keeps a close watch on your emails to ensure they remains pixel perfect and ready to drive revenue and results. Start monitoring all of your automated sends and frequently used email templates to ensure your core email resources will result in exceptional subscriber experiences, every time.

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Give your audience what they want—before they know they want it—with AI Recommendations

Easily use on-site behavior to understand the shopping patterns that lead to purchases. Then, let the power of AI serve smarter recommendations to your customers increasing conversions, average order value, and overall email-driven revenue.

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AI-driven email content with Predictive Recommendations enables marketers to seamlessly track on-site activity and subscriber behavior—then use that data to immediately recommend personalized products in emails based on business rules and logic you set.
Optimize your subject line and email content with our AI-powered Litmus Assistant.

Craft compelling email content faster with Litmus Assistant

You’ve carefully crafted the perfect email marketing strategy for your email campaign and know how crucial it is to make the most of every interaction with your subscribers. Let Litmus Assistant help you optimize your copy by suggesting compelling subject lines and copy alternatives in different tones.

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Litmus empowers you to thoroughly test and review emails, faster.

Thoroughly test and review every email to ensure top-tier customer experiences

While AI is a powerful email helper, it’s not bulletproof yet. Thorough and complete email testing and review with key stakeholders becomes more important than ever—and Litmus has you covered.

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Join the 700,000+ marketers who use Litmus to build and test quality emails, maintaining a great brand and subscriber experience, every time.

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