August 2022 Update
MPP is here for iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey. Read the latest on our blog.


Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection went into effect September 20, 2021.


Apple Mail users on iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey devices, regardless of email service.


You can’t see who opened, open times, geolocation, or device used.

57% Apple Mail Users

Which audience does this affect?

Mail Privacy Protection is available in the Apple Mail app on these devices:

  • iOS 15 (iPhone)
  • iPadOS 15 (iPad)
  • macOS Monterey (Mac)

Litmus’ email client market share data shows the Apple Mail client—on iPhone, Mac, and iPad devices—with more than 57% of combined email opens as of July 2022.

Apple Mail Privacy Protection has become the most popular subcategory, impacting 52.7% of opens as of July 2022.

Image of worldwide map

What does this mean for email marketing?

Mail Privacy Protection prevents email senders from seeing accurate opens and IP addresses, meaning:

  • Open rates are inflated.
  • Open time is unknown.
  • No device data is shared.
  • Geolocation is a mystery.

This impacts everything from measuring email performance to engineering automated nurture flows like re-engagement campaigns.

Take action: You can still make changes

It’s not too late to optimize your email marketing program for the future of email insights and analytics. Here are some resources to help you get started so you can embrace this next era of email marketing with confidence.

Image of Apple Mail audience inside Litmus

See your Apple Mail audience breakdown

How much does Mail Privacy Protection affect your email marketing program? No need to run the numbers manually. If you created an Apple Audience Report in Litmus Email Analytics, you can still see:

  • How much of your audience uses Apple Mail
  • Subscribers’ Apple OS versions and devices
  • Apple Dark Mode usage


Apple privacy-impacted email opens data

Create a reliable opens audience for non-Apple Mail users

Leverage the clients and devices that still track and report on opens to serve as a proxy for:

  • Overall email engagement
  • Email advertising impressions
  • Monitoring email deliverability
  • Warming up new IP addresses
  • Measuring A/B test results


Hear from the experts

During our Ultimate Email Summit, we addressed the big changes affecting email marketing because of Mail Privacy Protection.

Watch the on-demand webinar to hear about the repercussions on the email world and pick up some practical ways to face it, head-on.


Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) and Email Marketing. Your 5 Step Response Guide

Get your step-by-step action plan

Want more details on Mail Privacy Protection and how to thrive without opens? Check out The Mail Privacy Protection Survival Guide for Marketers to learn:

  • What Mail Privacy Protection is and how it works
  • The impact on email marketing programs
  • Steps you need to take to optimize now


Empower your team with the right insights

Litmus Email Analytics gives you visibility into your audience—Apple Mail and otherwise—so you can see how much your program is influenced by Mail Privacy Protection, adapt for the future, and continue to create more effective campaigns, faster. Start your free trial today.

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