Empower email creation for all

Litmus makes it easier than ever to build, test, review, and analyze emails in one, centralized location—without having to copy and paste code between tools.

  • Connect Litmus to HubSpot to instantly sync email updates back to HubSpot as you build in Litmus
  • Consolidate feedback and speed up approvals with Litmus Proof
  • Make it to the inbox and create a great subscriber experience with an automated pre-send Litmus Test, including spam testing

COLLABORATELitmus provides you with a single seamless workflow to build, review, and test emails, enabling your team to get more high-quality emails to market, faster.

INTEGRATESync emails from Litmus to HubSpot in a single click. Any changes you make as you build in Litmus will automatically update in HubSpot—no manual copying and pasting of code required!

GAIN GREATER INSIGHTGet the insights you need to know what content and tactics work best in email so you can identify trends that can boost marketing effectiveness across more costly marketing channels.

With intuitive drag and drop email creation in Litmus, it's never been easier and faster to send quality, on-brand emails

Scale email production without any added resources

Empower easy, on-brand email creation for all team members—regardless of their technical coding knowledge—with intuitive drag-and-drop email creation in Litmus Builder. Instantly sync emails from Litmus to HubSpot to keep both systems up-to-date at all times.

A view of Litmus Builder displaying an email preview and view options to test, review, and analyze emails before sending.

Centralize your entire email workflow

Litmus makes it easy to build, test, review, and analyze emails in one centralized location, without the hassle of switching back and forth between tools.

Preview of Litmus Email Analytics which shows opens, privacy-impacted opens, read and engagement time, Dark Mode Usage, and more.

Get subscriber-level insights to improve performance everywhere

Litmus gives you detailed insights into how subscribers engage with your emails so you not only improve future campaigns but improve performance across all marketing channels. From read rates and forwarding to detailed geolocation data, you’ll have the data you need to elevate your strategy and drive results.

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Optimize for every subscriber and every inbox

Broken emails? Not anymore. Join the 700,000+ marketers who use Litmus to instantly preview and test their
emails. Deliver a great subscriber experience and protect your brand reputation. Every time.

Monthly Billing
Annual Billing Save 20%
Plus Plan

Litmus Plus

Automate testing and improve campaign effectiveness.


per month


Per month, save $480 annually

5 full users

Unlimited read-only users

2,000 Email Previews

Quickly create on-brand emails with Litmus Builder’s Code Editor and Visual Editor

Standardize quality assurance using Litmus Test

Save time with productivity integrations, like Trello

Google Drive
One Drive

Test where you build with code editor integrations, such as Adobe DreamWeaver and Sublime Text

Reach the inbox with pre-send Litmus Spam Testing

Track data and share insights to improve email performance with Litmus Email Analytics

Eliminate manual steps with ESP integrations

Campaign Monitor
Salesforce Pardot

Litmus Enterprise

Boost collaboration and drive the best results at scale with robust integrations.


Tailored to your needs


Tailored to your needs

Custom users

Unlimited read-only users

Custom Email Previews

Everything in Plus, and:

Boost collaboration and reduce review cycles with Litmus Proof

Manage access and customize resources with subaccounts

Standardize tasks, templates, and brand settings for consistency

Improve marketing efforts with valuable insights from every campaign

Keep data and assets secure with advanced security settings and user permissions

Speed up production with integrations into Enterprise-grade ESPs

Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Oracle Eloqua
Oracle Responsys
Adobe Campaign Standard

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