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Litmus is the all-in-one marketing platform that empowers you to build, personalize, test, review and analyze emails more effectively than ever. With Litmus, you can:

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Design and create incredibly effective, personalized emails, faster, to win over subscribers and boost efficiency.

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Ensure every email results in the best experience with automated email testing and a streamlined email review and approval process.

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Get the uptime, security, and reliable email analytics needed to ensure every subscriber has the most up-to-date, relevant gaming information at all times.

“We work in a very dynamic environment and things change very quickly, our stakeholders expect us to be able to respond to all of the changes. Live content from Kickdynamic helps us do that.”

Tyrel Smythe,
Senior Online Communications Design Manager, The Stars Group

A suite of email enhancement tools to provide a truly exceptional in-email experience

When it comes to online and in person casino gaming, players want relevant, personalized offers tailored to their preferred game or sports team. Litmus Personalize lets you easily connect existing APIs and data sources to automatically display accurate odds, jackpots, and event details in every email, boosting subscriber engagement and revenue.

Automatically display live odds, jackpots, and event info in an email.

Leverage existing APIs to display odds, jackpots and event information in email

Never show outdated odds, jackpots, or other key information again. Easily connect existing APIs to Litmus Personalize and automatically show real-time jackpot totals, betting odds, and event details in any number of languages and customize messaging to resonate with every subscriber.

Collect subscriber preferences via real time live polling

Use real-time content to inform future promotions

Listening to your subscribers is key to understanding the best ways to engage them. Use real-time polls to understand what players are most interested in so future emails truly resonate. Plus, you can tailor content by device, weather, and location to boost relevancy at every moment.

Show up-to-date betting and game information

Display a different message when betting is suspended or the game is over

Casino games and sports betting events are time-sensitive, and it’s important for players to know when a game has ended. Litmus Personalize helps you easily set up rules to display a message to indicate a game has ended the second it’s over, ensuring all subscribers have the most up-to-date game information.

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