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Ultimate Guide to Dark Mode [+ Code Snippets, Tools, Tips from the Email Community]

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The Dark Mode Toolkit

Kickstart your Dark Mode experience in email with the know-how, resources, and code to deliver a better subscriber experience.
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How to Conquer Coding Emails for Dark Mode: A Guide For Email Developers

Get the inside scoop on Dark Mode and the challenges working with it can present.
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If Dark Mode is so great, should absolutely every email be dark?

Should you keep your design light for light mode and only use dark designs for Dark Mode?

Dark Mode FAQs

Dive into more Dark Mode resources and best practices

Dark Mode is a display setting for desktop and mobile devices (or really anywhere you read your emails) that changes the background color to dark, and the text and accent colors to light.

(Seriously. Nerds.) In 2022, we saw Dark Mode usage on the rise. By the end of 2022, we saw that 40% of subscribers were viewing emails in Dark Mode—that’s pretty substantial! Don’t believe us? Use Litmus Email Analytics to find out for yourself how many of your subscribers are reading in Dark Mode.

Because every email client handles Dark Mode differently. Some make no changes, some partially invert (or reverse) your colors, and some fully invert colors. You want to put your best foot forward in every inbox, so it’s necessary to keep Dark Mode in mind and optimize for it so every subscriber has the best experience.

A good email builder—like Litmus Builder, cough cough—will have options that allow you to see how your emails will display in both Dark and Light Mode as you code. This will allow you to make email design and development choices that complement both display modes. (And the adaptation, ideally, begins in the design phase!) Then it’s important to test on individual email clients and devices before every send to be absolutely sure everything displays like you hope it will.

The short answer is that we recommend designing emails that can spread their wings in either Light or Dark Mode with ease. The longer answer is that coding for Dark Mode is a whole thing, and we wrote about it here. It’s hard, but there are resources that can help you master the art. 

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