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Need email inspo? We’ve got you covered. Check out our top picks for emails that can help your brand get more clicks, more revenue, and provide better in-email experiences.

Litmus Email Gallery

Content Automation

Show your customers exactly what they need, when they need it.

The latest NARS products are featured in this “new in” email at every open. When the products are updated on the NARS website, the emails are automatically updated too. This is a great solution for teams wanting to be more efficient, replacing manual processes with automation.

This fully-automated email gives subscribers all the latest information they need before heading out to ski. API-powered, it features the latest weather and snow reports alongside live information from the mountain—including how many inches of fresh, new snow has fallen!

Litmus Live attendees were able to quickly see what event was happening live, and had the ability to click through directly to the event from the email.

Personalized Images

Build brand affinity by displaying personalized images based on the customer journey.

Eye-catching imagery with personalized elements is always a win. Hero images with first name, personalized discount codes, or points balances are easy, quick wins. Go further by including a first name on a call-to-action (CTA) for some extra wow-factor. This personalized image is bright, bold, and eye-catching! Not only that, the email also displayed their latest bestsellers using content automation.

Black Friday is one of the most important shopping days for any retailer. This example from Mama’s & Papas uses a personalized image to grab the recipients attention and encourage them to shop their Black Friday deals!

This example from Hunter boots promoting their new customizable wellington boots used customers’ names to automatically personalize the image of the boots. Such a fun way to use the personalized image functionality!

Countdown Timers

Create urgency around time-bound promotions with a countdown timer. Don’t miss out!

Wow-factor was the name of the game when IKON Pass created this email counting down to the deadline for purchasing a pass for the 2022/2023 season. The bright colors and bold font really create an impact on the reader.

Endy used a countdown timer to promote their end of year sale. By using a combination of a simple countdown timer with an exciting header image they enticed customers to click… and shop, of course!

Vitality promoted their competition to win tickets to a Premier League Football match using an amazing timer which incorporated the countdown as numbers on the back of a football shirt.

Live Polls

Collect real-time interest indicators (and spark a sense of FOMO) with live polling.

By asking recipients which kind of treatment their skin needs, Shiseido is encouraging recipients to engage within the email. Adding gamification to emails shows subscribers you’re listening.

Mamas & Papas asked recipients to vote on which color baby seat they preferred. This is a great way to show potential customers variations of a certain product and create a nurture series based on their preferred products.

We used the polling functionality in our Litmus Weekly newsletter, asking subscribers to vote in the Litmus Email Excellence Awards. This engagement led to 100% month-over-month new subscriber growth!

Nearest Store

Get shoppers in the door by reminding them of stores closest to their physical location.

Vitality uses one email to promote three different gyms. Using the Nearest Store feature, they are able to use one communication and direct recipients to each different gym depending on their preference.

By showcasing where the nearest locations are, Mamas & Papas showcase how they understand their customers’ needs. They also encourage brand trust by inspiring recipients with ideas on why an in-store visit might be needed, like product demonstrations or a product exchange.

Kate Spade recipients see the store closest at the moment they open the email. And just in case there are no stores close by, they see a fallback message to come visit them in stores.

Social Content

Spark a sense of FOMO by including social feeds showing how many peers are engaging with your products. has an active social customer base. By highlighting their latest social posts, they leverage content and encourage engagement, while staying top of mind to drive purchases and boost revenue.

Mamas & Papas uses their social content in emails to keep your customers updated on the latest trends in real-time, keeping relevance, trust, and engagement high.

Hunter meets their customers where they are—on social! Using content that has already been posted to Hunter’s social channels highlights that promote engagement and instill trust.

Social Signals

Spark a sense of FOMO with signals to show how many peers are engaging with your resources.

Hunter’s customers love the product and do not want to miss out on when items are trending or being added to shopping carts frequently. Showcasing social proof helps give subscribers the opportunity to purchase before they sell out, increasing brand affinity for Hunter.

Using social signals, we showcased which pieces of content were resonating with recipients. This encouraged subscribers to click through and ultimately increased conversion rates.

Endy incorporates positive reviews in emails to capture the interest of prospective shoppers by highlighting the products that have already proven to be most loved by their customers.


Make your emails resonate—rain or shine—with local weather forecasts based on the subscriber’s location.

Urban Decay builds buyer confidence by suggesting hyper-relevant solutions to weather-driven challenges, like extreme cold temperatures, their customers are likely facing at that exact moment.

Studio leans into personalized imagery and rule builders related to the weather in the recipients location to stay highly relevant and inspire sales. Using fun copy to tie inspiration to drive a purchase, Studio proves to their subscribers that they understand their exact needs.

Providing inspiring weather content, Kiehl’s helps keep their subscribers in-the-know for important SPF alerts when the weather calls for it. This hyper-relevant approach instills brand trust and drives purchasing decisions.

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