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Spend less time building from scratch and wrangling assets. Focus more on creating beautiful emails that get results.

58% of marketers spend 2+ weeks creating a single email

Don’t let an inefficient email design workflow be the reason you don’t hit your email marketing goals.

Litmus helps you scale up your team’s email design process without compromising on quality. It’s the most efficient way for everyone to send on-brand html emails quickly.

Create reusable HTML email templates, code modules & more

Keep all brand assets centralized and up to date

Establish brand settings for consistency

“By relying on templates and snippets rather than building emails from scratch, we can easily cut down production time by 50%.”

Katie Zeff,
Lifecycle Marketing Program Manager, MINDBODY

The most efficient way to create on-brand emails.

With Litmus, you’ve got a central place for reusable templates, code modules, and brand settings — and the best way for your whole team to get eye-catching emails to market, faster.

Create, store, and collaborate on every resource – all in one place

Stop wrangling design assets across multiple platforms. Litmus Design Library gives you one centralized place to create, store, manage, test, and collaborate on everything – including HTML email templates, code modules, brand colors, and more.

Ensure emails are on-brand every time with established brand settings.

Create an efficient workflow without compromising on brand standards

Establish brand settings so your whole team can design effective emails and get them out the door quickly. No more bottlenecks or accidental branding errors – just an efficient process that respects both your brand AND your deadlines.

Reusable code modules help your team build emails for all campaign purposes.

Spend less time building and more time creating

Ready to streamline your workflow as an email designer? Use snippets to give your team more flexibility to mix and match design elements across emails. These reusable modules will automate your coding and give you back hours of email template design and development time.

Make a change to one Partial and have it automatically update across all emails where that Partial is used.

Make one change and apply it across multiple email templates

Never manually edit every email template again. Partial modules let you make updates across multiple places instead of adjusting each one by hand. It’s another way Litmus saves your whole team time and frustration while making sure every email is on brand and up to date.

Reusable code modules help your team build emails for all campaign purposes.

Take your email design system with you wherever you go

Need to switch email service providers? Your email design system will easily move with you, saving you the hassle of manually transferring assets one by one.

Start streamlining your email design today.

Try Litmus and discover the most efficient way for your whole team to design on-brand emails.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Email Design FAQs

With Categories in the Design Library in Litmus, you can organize your modules (Snippets and Partials) in one centralized location, making it easier for all team members to find content to build brand-compliant emails at scale, regardless of how many ESPs are being used.

Once you’ve built out your email templates, it’s important to add code modules to give you the flexibility you need to customize templates for a variety of campaign needs. There are two types of modules in Litmus: Partials and Snippets. Partials are global modules that can be referenced in emails and templates, but are editable only at the global level. Snippets are modules that can be reused across emails and templates and are editable within the email or template they’re included in. Learn more here.

You can add as many brand colors as you’d like and define the key purpose for each color. For example, if your call-to-action buttons are green, you can add the specific hex code for the on-brand green color and label it “Primary CTA.”

Yes! Users in Full, Admin, and Account Holder roles can all create, edit, and delete assets in the Design Library. Other roles—like Code Editor and Content Editor—can utilize the assets but not make changes.

We have a number of resources available to help you get started building your email design system in Litmus. Check out our Foundations of Email Design guide to start, watch this webinar on how email design systems empower email teams everywhere, and then feel free to peruse other email design resources in our blog.

Yes! Customers have shared stories of how Design Library helps them save time and work efficiently while creating exceptional emails at scale. The team at VSP, the largest vision service provider in the U.S., had been using an email QA platform that didn’t allow them to store their email design system. After moving to Litmus and building and storing their email design system in Design Library, their email build time went from hours and days to just a half an hour on average.

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