Email Guardian is there when you can’t be

Never send another broken email with the only solution that keeps a constant watch over your emails

Yesterday’s perfectly tested email is not guaranteed to be error-free today

Email clients change all the time, without notice, and each change puts your emails and templates at risk of breaking and resulting in a poor subscriber experience. Protect your emails—and your brand—with Litmus Email Guardian.

Gain total peace of mind in seconds

You’ve painstakingly crafted the perfect email. Time, energy, and care has gone into every line of code. Activate Email Guardian on all of your important emails and we’ll keep a close watch to ensure they remain pixel perfect and ready to drive revenue and results.

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Keep a pulse on automated emails and frequently used templates

Start monitoring all of your automated sends and frequently used email templates to ensure your core email resources will result in exceptional subscriber experiences, every time.

Be the first to know when email client updates put your brand experience at risk

We’ll ensure you’re the first to know when an unexpected email client change impacts the way your subscribers experience your email—and your brand. If errors are found, it’s easy and quick to resolve them, retest your email, and continue monitoring for future changes, all within Litmus.

Join the 700,000+ marketers who use Litmus to build and test quality emails, maintaining a great brand and subscriber experience, every time.

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Email Guardian FAQs

Have a different question about how Litmus works or the Litmus pricing plans available? Get in touch with one of our specialists.

Litmus Email Guardian uses proprietary Litmus email technology to automatically monitor your email across supported email clients and devices like Microsoft Outlook 365, Gmail, and more. Each time Litmus Email Guardian scans your email it looks for any rendering differences based on the most recent Previews & QA test you’ve run. If a significant difference is detected, you have the option to be notified instantly so you can take action to correct any issue that persists.

First and foremost, Litmus Email Guardian gives you peace of mind your most important emails are constantly protected and ready to drive revenue. It takes the ambiguity out of email client updates and how they’ll impact your email and puts you in the driver seat—all without added manual effort on your part. With Litmus Email Guardian, you will be the first to know if your subscriber and brand experience is at risk.

No! Litmus Email Guardian does not impact your monthly Email Previews usage or limits.

You can elect to receive email notifications when changes are detected.

No, Litmus Email Guardian utilizes Litmus’ proprietary internal emerging email technology to monitor emails for costly errors.

All Litmus plans have access to Litmus Assistant! Visit our pricing guide for full details.