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Create highly personalized email experiences to drive open rates, unlock revenue opportunities, and foster customer loyalty.

Make every send count with Litmus

Litmus is the all-in-one marketing platform that empowers you to build, personalize, test, review and analyze emails more effectively than ever. With Litmus, you can:

Build It

Scalably design and create highly effective, beautifully personalized emails more efficiently than ever.

Test It

Automate time-consuming email testing review processes so every email results in the best experience.

Trust It

Get the uptime, security, and reliable email analytics needed to make sure you’re sending the right content to every shopper, always.

“We save more than 2 days worth of work every week when we are running our Daily Alerts, it is so convenient to just update a feed and have the email images produced automatically. We have been looking for something like this for 18 months now. It means our CRM team can focus more time on adding value to the customer journey, rather than creating and changing content.”

Guy Smith,
CRM Manager, ASDA

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Customize email content based on weather or other conditions at the time a subscriber opens the email.

Boost revenue with your email campaigns

Whether through personalized customer welcome emails, engaging abandoned shopping cart messages, or emails that convert first-time buyers into repeat purchasers, Litmus Personalize powers retail email marketing campaigns that reach and exceed revenue targets.

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Preview of Litmus email client testing tool to view in both mobile and desktop settings before sending.

Protect your brand and engage with shoppers

Get reliable insights that cut through the clutter to show you what’s most likely to move the needle with your customers. Use comprehensive pre-send tools to quickly test every last image, link, line break, and more…without the need for more manual work or time-intensive reviews.

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Create unlimited email variations using data from your CRM, product feeds, and other sources

Feature relevant, available products in every send

Connect every customer with the perfect in-stock product for their specific needs by easily connecting your product feed—like a Google Shopping feed, CSV, or XML file—to show relevant products available at the time they open your email. Plus, connect your CRM data to create unlimited versions of every email—without added manual work—to scale email creation and deliver individualized emails that drive more clicks and conversions.

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Recommend products and services to customers using AI technology based on behavioral data and similar audience activity.

Give shoppers what they want—before they know they want it—with AI Recommendations

Harness the power of AI and your shopper behavior data to easily serve individualized product recommendations at scale to boost conversions, increase average order value and overall email-driven revenue.

Ensure every email is relevant at the time it’s opened with real-time live email content

Automate product promotions and deals with limited time offers

Customize the products you show based on the time an email is opened. Easily add promotional sale banners and savings to each product with fully customizable banners and callouts to increase purchases and email-driven revenue.

Create a sense of urgency with countdown timers for sale events

Encourage shoppers to take advantage of current promotions or seasonal sales by showing them how much time remains before the deal is gone, increasing the success of every offer and driving more revenue.

Generate excitement and add an element of gamification with live polling

Increase open rates and encourage email engagement with interactive polls. Better understand subscriber preferences and market trends by analyzing click data from each poll, and encourage subscribers to consider and explore products that are popular with others.

From Costco to Best Buy, many of the world’s most beloved brands and retailers rely on Litmus

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Mamas & Papas
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