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It’s never been easier for beauty and cosmetics marketers to turn window shoppers into repeat customers with revenue-boosting emails.

Make every send count with Litmus

Litmus is the all-in-one marketing platform that empowers you to build, personalize, test, review and analyze emails more effectively than ever. With Litmus, you can:

Build It

Scale the design and creation of uniquely personalized emails, boosting the efficiency of your marketing team while increasing sales and revenue.

Test It

Ensure every email results in the best shopper experience, faster, with automated email testing and a streamlined email review and approval process.

Trust It

Get the uptime, security, and reliable email analytics needed to ensure you’re serving the right beauty content to the right subscriber at the right time.

“Our customers are very active on social media, [so] adding social signals meant customers were much more engaged and responsive. It was a quick win for the team.”

Olivia Shanu-Wilson,
Senior CRM Executive, PrettyLittleThing

Unlock revenue opportunities with beautifully personalized emails

Beauty trends change quickly. That puts message relevance at risk if you’re personalizing emails at the time they’re sent. Our platform gives you the tools to personalize emails the moment they’re opened—without added manual effort. Automate and scale the creation of truly personalized individual email experiences that boost customer loyalty and drive revenue with LItmus Personalize.

Show only available products from your product catalog

Increase customer satisfaction by only showing available products

Easily connect a product feed (Google Shopping Feed / CSV / XML) to a coordinating image to automatically display best-selling or new products. Create beautiful designs with advanced visibility layers to show or hide callouts or stickers based on flags in the product feed. Set rules to only show beauty products that are available to buy, to increase customer satisfaction, revenue and product discoverability.

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Boost engagement with live polls

Boost your click-through rates with engaging live polls

Boost click-through rates by showcasing social signals in your email, based on the number of clicks received. Display clicks on each product in the email to highlight preferred items, or engage customers by inviting them to vote. Polls are also a great way to collect real-time interest indicators, and you can use click data in targeted follow up emails.

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Recommend products and services to customers using AI technology based on behavioral data and similar audience activity.

Identify limitless similar product recommendations—without manual work

There’s simply not enough time in the day to study your entire beauty product catalog and match every similar product to one another. Let our advanced AI Recommendations do that work for you so you can automatically deliver the right products to the right subscribers with every send.

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Pretty Little Thing
Yves Saint Laurent
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Litmus empowers you with the tools you need to make your email marketing efforts more effective across clients.