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Personalization for all.

Whether you’re new to email personalization or a pro—Litmus has a solution for you. Deliver the right message at the right moment—and maximize conversions with:

“We needed a smart way to manage new in and move from a one-size-fits-all email. We’re a small team so we needed automation to help us achieve our personalization goal, we simply couldn’t build a version of the email for every product category.”

Chloe Temple,
Ecommerce Marketing Director (Europe),
Kate Spade

174% increase
in email-generated revenue

Discover how Kate Spade optimized their new product arrival experience, increasing engagement, conversion, and revenueby personalizing new product arrival emails, using Litmus Personalize.
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80% of customers are more likely to purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences.*

Yet so many brands leave revenue on the table because truly effective email personalization feels overwhelming. Not anymore! Now you can send with confidence, knowing every email will resonate with every subscriber—with limited time and effort.

* Source: Epsilon: The power of me: The impact of personalization on marketing performance
Create engaging personalized subscriber experiences in minutes—without ever leaving the Litmus platform.

Quick-start personalization templates

Implementing personalization doesn’t have to be a heavy lift. With quick-start templates in Litmus, any marketer, with any level of technical expertise, can create engaging subscriber experiences in just minutes—without ever leaving the platform.

Countdown Timers to drive urgency for a sale or event

Progress Bars to keep customers on the right track and promote loyalty

Personalized Images to create 1-to-1 subscriber experiences at scale

Sentiment Trackers to listen to what your audience thinks

Customize email content based on weather or other conditions at the time a subscriber opens the email.

Live email content

Convert more people with customizable Live Email Content that delivers a relevant, compelling experience to each and every subscriber—wherever and whenever they open your email.

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Maps to make it easy for shoppers to visit your nearest store

Local weather to create relevant offers based on subscriber conditions

Polls with instant results to boost engagement

Social signals to increase trust and conversions

Create unlimited email variations using data from your CRM, product feeds, and other sources.

Dynamic content automation

Take each subscriber’s unique email experience up a notch by serving up data from your CRM and product feeds with one simple HTML tag and reduce the risk an embarrassing personalization error.

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Boost sales by automatically promoting whatever is new or popular

Drive urgency by showcasing relevant deals in real time

Create repeat business by automating key customer loyalty touchpoints

Recommend products and services to customers using AI technology based on behavioral data and similar audience activity.

AI Recommendations

Give shoppers what they want—before they know they want it—with AI Recommendations. Harness the power of AI and your shopper behavior data to easily serve individualized product recommendations at scale to boost engagement and revenue.

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Use advanced targeting rules to determine which content each subscriber sees.

Robust customizable targeting

Our email personalization tools are simple to set up—and endlessly customizable. Use advanced visibility rules to ensure you’re always in control of the ideal experience you want your subscribers to have.

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You don’t have to go it alone. Our average customer satisfaction score over the last two years was 96% and the majority of customers can expect a response in 3 hours or less. Plus, our email geeks and experts are always uncovering new information to help you get the most from our email personalization solution.

Email Personalization FAQs

Not at all! While Litmus Personalize is a great fit for retail and e-commerce companies, companies across all industries will benefit from the ability to send truly tailored, 1-to-1 personalized emails at scale. In fact, our own team at Litmus uses Litmus Personalize all of the time to enhance our subscribers’ email experiences.

There are many types of personalization for your email marketing campaigns made possible by Litmus Personalize that don’t require a product feed. Examples include (but aren’t limited to) countdown timers, weather-based content, social feeds, polling, and more!

Nope! Our expert team of Account Managers and Customer Success Managers will help you quickly and easily get started with Litmus Personalize and ensure you’re able to create all of the dynamic, personalized elements you need to craft emails that resonate with your target audience, boost engagement, and drive revenue.

Yes! Litmus Personalize can be used seamlessly with every ESP and email builder. Check out this help article to see how.

Absolutely! Litmus Personalize is a great fit for agencies who want to provide the best possible emails for their customers and help them make every send count. With Litmus Personalize, you can go beyond first name and subject line personalization to truly deliver individualized experiences, boosting open rates, click-through rates, and customer engagement.

Litmus Personalize uses custom parameters and rule building to give you full control over the content served to those opted into Apple Mail Privacy Protection. Learn more here.

Litmus Personalize makes it easy to harness the power of your data by supporting the easy integration of data. We support XML files, JSON APIs, CSVs, and more, helping you craft truly personalized email experiences for every subscriber.