80% of customers are more likely to purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences

Truly personalized emails engage subscribers, boost customer loyalty, and drive revenue. But, creating numerous versions of every email is time-consuming and impractical.

“We see Kickdynamic as a full-time member of our team; it’s used daily as a vital part of our CRM program. When planning our email campaigns, we keep Kickdynamic front of mind to enhance our programs.”
Neemisha Kanani,Marketing Brand Manager, Mobiles.co.uk

Automate and scale the creation of personalized email experiences and harness the power of AI-driven recommendations with Litmus Personalize, powered by Kickdynamic.

Customize email content based on weather or other conditions at the time a subscriber opens the email.

Deliver the right message at the right moment with live email content

Create compelling subscriber experiences in every inbox regardless of where or when an email is opened to maximize conversions—no product feed required!

Live email content makes it easy to:

  • Add real-time countdown timers to showcase limited time sales and drive urgency
  • Engage your audience with dynamic polls that display instant results
  • Tailor content based on the weather where an email is opened
  • Use social signals to increase conversions
  • And more!
Create unlimited email variations using data from your CRM, product feeds, and other sources.

Get powerful results with uniquely personalized, engaging email marketing campaigns that convert

Dynamic Content Automation seamlessly accesses the latest data from your CRM, product feeds, and more to automatically generate endless email variations from a single HTML tag, making it easier than ever to create true 1-to-1, personalized email campaigns.

Dynamic content automation empowers your team to:

  • Promote your most popular or newest products or services
  • Showcase relevant deals in real time
  • Automate personalized customer loyalty communications
  • And more!
Recommend products and services to customers using AI technology based on behavioral data and similar audience activity.

Boost engagement and unlock revenue potential with AI-driven email content

Predictive Recommendations, powered by Kickdynamic’s proprietary AI prediction engine, supercharges audience engagement and increases conversions by automatically surfacing the products that are resonating with similar audiences.

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Use advanced targeting rules to determine which content each subscriber sees.

Design the ideal subscriber experience with customizable targeting

Advanced visibility rules give you full control over the subscriber experience. Target subscribers with email content based on CRM data, time, location, weather, and more.

“By using Kickdynamic and featuring live content in our emails, we have saved time on email production, increased our guest satisfaction and have seen an increase in engagement.”
Tracy Smith,Director – CRM, Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows

Enhance your email personalization strategy and create truly individualized email experiences at scale today.

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