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As a marketer, it’s your job to get high-performing emails out the door fast. But too often, time-consuming reviews and approvals get in the way—not to mention spam filters, formatting issues, and countless other obstacles. Thankfully, there is a better way. Litmus empowers you to get on brand, error-free and personalized emails in front of subscribers in record time.


See how one marketer replaced her team’s cumbersome manual email testing process— for faster, error-free campaign creation.

Ensure quality every time

Get a complete, guided checklist of the elements that affect email performance. We’ll help you spot check for broken links and images, find and fix funky formatting, test spam filter triggers, and more. Plus, we’re the only solution that proactively monitors your email and notifies you of any changes to ensure every email remains pixel-perfect.


Preview of Litmus Email Analytics which shows opens, privacy-impacted opens, read and engagement time, Dark Mode Usage, and more.

Track and share the metrics that matter

Get reliable insights to help focus efforts for future campaigns. Litmus lets you compare read rates for your reliable audience by device to identify key areas where you can optimize personalization, and easily create and share custom reports with key stakeholders.


Email personalization and creation

Empower your entire team to create on-brand, personalized. With quick-start templates in Litmus Personalize, you can easily add countdown timers, personalized images, sentiment trackers, and more directly to your campaigns and watch your results soar.


Cut review cycles and streamline communication with Email Collaboration and Review tools in Litmus

Easily collaborate across teams

Litmus consolidates all comments and feedback in one central location, so you can cut review cycles down to minutes. Plus, sync with Slack and Trello to keep stakeholders up-to-date, and create shareable reports that make it easy to act on new insights and improve future campaigns.


Real Customers. Real Results.

“Litmus Email Analytics allowed us to pivot [our] client’s email strategy based on engagement data and create more effective emails. As a result, they saw a 35% increase in open rates.”
Joe Savitch, Marketing Manager at Altos
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Real Customers. Real Results.

“With Litmus Proof and Checklist, we’ve been able to collaborate more efficiently as a team, reducing our number of email review cycles and improving our email accuracy rates.”
Lily Cardiner, Senior Email Marketing Strategist at Zendesk
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Real Customers. Real Results.

“When we went to Litmus, it was a time savings. But more importantly, we were able to check a broader scope of mobile environments and responsive builds. We could confirm that the email would be well-received on each device.”
Linda Dunn, Director, Email & Mobile Development at Epsilon
How Litmus helps Epsilon build, test, and deliver exceptional emails at scale.
Real Customers. Real Results.

“Visual Editor simplifies the process of adding content to our templates—without extensive coding experience—and allows us to focus more on collaboration and creating high-performing emails. It’s not only beneficial for production, creativity and efficiency, but it provides an opportunity to enhance our entire marketing mix and strategy.”
Jesse Blanner, Design Director, Meredith Digital at Meredith Corporation
Jesse Blanner

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