Leverage Reliable Insights

With data protection measures on the rise and varying metrics available across devices, analyzing data is no easy task. Litmus Email Analytics helps you work smarter, not harder, by automatically filtering and displaying reliable opens and engagement data so you can continue to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Integrated Insights Weekly Digest

Easily identify your most successful campaigns

Get insight into the subscriber engagement metrics that matter most so you can build on what’s resonating. Plus, automatically sync data from Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Oracle Eloqua, or Marketo into Litmus for a single, holistic view of email performance.

Insights delivered to your inbox

Get email insights delivered right to your inbox

Stay on top of subscriber trends and behaviors with a weekly digest of your Integrated Insights for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Oracle Eloqua, or Marketo. Plus, invite marketing stakeholders to subscribe, too, and give them visibility into email performance that can inform the broader marketing strategy.

Quickly save and share reports

Boost visibility and collaboration by creating custom reports and easily sharing them with your team. Key stakeholders will have easy access to the insights that matter most, making it a breeze to inform and optimize future emails.

See where your subscribers open

Learn which devices and apps your subscribers use most and optimize more effectively, increasing your overall email performance.

Dark Mode Screenshot

Measure Dark Mode usage

Ensure your designs look great in every inbox by measuring what percentage of your subscriber base – even those impacted by data privacy measures – use Dark Mode.

Analyze and Improve Screenshot

Analyze your subscribers reading environments

Learn which devices and apps your subscribers use most and optimize more effectively, increasing your overall email performance.

Duration of engagement

See duration of engagement

Identify reliable opens and see how long those subscribers spend reading your email. Compare read rates by device to identify key areas for optimization.

Gain insights to optimize email and beyond

Learn how to make future campaigns more effective and drive success across your entire digital marketing mix.

Optimize by device

Seeing an increase in mobile opens? Consider using responsive design to provide your mobile subscribers with the best email experience possible.

Resonate in all environments

Are subscriber read rates higher on desktop than on mobile? Maybe your content isn’t mobile-friendly. Revisit your mobile design and strategy, and next time, see more engagement on mobile.

Identify brand evangelists

See which subscribers are engaging with your emails the most. Consider rewarding those frequent forwarders by creating a loyalty program.

Send a win-back campaign

Are the same subscribers consistently skipping over your emails? Try adding them to a “disengaged” list and send a win-back campaign.

Share insights with your team

Identify common design or content themes across your most successful campaigns and share those insights with your broader marketing team to inform strategies across other channels.

Experiment with HTML and CSS

Rendering engine, email client, and browser data puts progressive design power in your hands. Seeing lots of WebKit opens? Try using HTML and CSS3.

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