Never fear a broken email again

It’s every email designer’s and developer’s worst nightmare: The links that don’t work, images that won’t load, formatting that fails to render… and the list goes on. All it takes is one small error to have a big impact on conversions. That’s why Litmus was created with design teams in mind. Our powerful email marketing solution gives you full visibility into every last layout and link—and frees you to focus on new ideas as you build, code, and test campaigns.

A view of Litmus Builder displaying an email preview and view options to test, review, and analyze emails before sending.

Troubleshoot as you go

See code changes in real time while you build, and get instant previews in 100+ clients as you go. Every change you make updates your previews in real time so you can test and troubleshoot faster than ever. And when you’re ready to send, our automated checklist will ensure your designs look great in every inbox.


With intuitive drag and drop email creation in Litmus, it's never been easier and faster to send quality, on-brand emails

Scale email creation across your team

Make email creation accessible for all—even non-coders—to scale production and accelerate time-to-market so you can spend more time innovating, testing new ideas, and getting better results. There’s no lengthy setup or formal training required—our intuitive Visual Editor with drag-and-drop modular building functionality works with your existing email templates and doesn’t mess with your code. It’s email creation made easy, for all.


Preview of Litmus Email Analytics which shows opens, privacy-impacted opens, read and engagement time, Dark Mode Usage, and more.

Design with purpose

Litmus enables you to focus on new design innovations without worry. Learn which devices and apps your subscribers use most, and know what to prioritize as you build and test. We make it easy to identify your best campaigns when making design decisions, and show you which elements are most likely to have an impact.


Create quality campaigns quickly and ensure every email is on-brand with the Email Design Library in Litmus

Integrate and collaborate with ease

Create quality campaigns faster by storing all of your templates, code modules, and brand settings in one central location. The Litmus Design Library gives you quick access to brand assets, making it remarkably simple to build high-performing emails at scale. Use custom categories to stay organized, make updates in one place, and keep tabs on who’s made changes. And rest assured, every email provides a quality subscriber experience while being compliant with your brand guidelines.


CodeGet coding updates as you create withLitmus Builder


QuadSee instant previews in 100+ email clients withLitmus Email Previews


ClipboardSpot check before you send with the automatedLitmus Test



See how one popular email service provider uses Litmus to test emails and create high-quality campaigns for clients.

Real Customers. Real Results.

“It used to take us anywhere from 90 minutes to two hours to build a new email from scratch. With our library of snippets and partials in Litmus, we have cut development time in half.”
Connor Hinkson, Designer & Developer at Blufish
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Real Customers. Real Results.

“By relying on templates and snippets rather than building emails from scratch, we can easily cut down production time by 50%.”
Katie Zeff, Lifecycle Marketing Program Manager at MINDBODY
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Real Customers. Real Results.

“We love the frequent news updates on how we can push the boundaries to improve our email designs.”
Orry Van den Abbeele, Webmaster at BBDO
Real Customers. Real Results.

“Constantly hopping back and forth between tools, it used to take us over two hours to produce one of our templated sends. With Visual Editor in Litmus Builder, that time has been cut to 30 minutes, freeing up 75% more critical time to focus on revenue-generating projects.”
Joe Savitch, Marketing Manager at Altos
Altos agency uses Litmus and Mailchimp together to send better emails for their clients.

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