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We all get by with a little help from our friends. Meet Litmus Assistant, your new email best friend.

Craft compelling content, faster, with the power of AI

With inboxes more crowded than ever, it’s important to craft the perfect email subject line and copy to stand out to subscribers. Litmus Assistant Content Optimization gives you instant access to captivating subject line suggestions and tone of voice options so you can get the highest performing emails to market, faster.

Never send another broken email with Email Guardian

Litmus Email Guardian is there when you can’t be. It’s the only solution that proactively scans your emails for costly errors, alerting you when action is needed, and empowering you to truly send with confidence.

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Litmus Assistant FAQs

Have a different question about how Litmus works or the Litmus pricing plans available? Get in touch with one of our specialists.

Litmus Assistant Content Optimization is available in the Visual Editor within Litmus Builder. Simply navigate to the “Builder” tab and choose “Visual” from the menu at the left. From there, you can click on your subject line to get suggested alternatives or click on any copy element to rewrite it in a new tone.

You can utilize Litmus Assistant Content Optimization at any point in your email workflow, however, we recommend using it early on so you can give stakeholders who are reviewing and approving your email the strongest content options possible.

Though you’re welcome to monitor any emails you’d like, we strongly recommend monitoring your most loved email templates and transactional emails. These email resources are often tested when they’re built but not necessarily re-tested as often as they should be. With always-on email monitoring from Litmus Email Guardian, you gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing every send is free of brand-damaging errors.

Litmus Assistant Content Optimization utilizes the power of AI to suggest new subject line options and content tone alternatives. Litmus Email Guardian utilizes proprietary internal technology to monitor emails for costly errors.

All Litmus plans have access to Litmus Assistant! Visit our pricing guide for full details.