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Share how you've become a better marketer by putting email first in your marketing mix. Get a chance at an Email First award.


Introducing The Email First Excellence Awards

Presented by Litmus

New for 2020, we're highlighting the amazing work from the email marketing community with our first ever email awards. We'll be celebrating winners in 8 different categories and showcasing teams that drive positive business outcomes by putting email first.

“At Litmus, we understand how challenging—and rewarding—email marketing can be. We see the email community tackling those challenges every day, which is why we're so thrilled to introduce The Email First Awards to recognize and celebrate the people embracing those challenges by putting email first.”
Melissa Sargeant, CMO at Litmus

What are The Email First Awards?

The Email First Awards are all about recognizing teams that use email to drive positive business outcomes, all while providing real value for subscribers and customers. We know how challenging email marketing can be and want to celebrate the folks that are facing those challenges head-on. We've come up with 8 different categories and awards that address those different challenges and can't wait to see your submissions.

Entry window for the 2020 Email First Awards has closed. Join us during Litmus Live Week on September 18th to see who's won!

The Email First Awards
The Email First Excellence Award

The best marketers realize their customers and prospects are looking for content in lots of places, but also know that email remains the highest ROI generator. TThe premier Email First Excellence Award will be given to the company who best demonstrates omnichannel success with a strategy that’s led and innovated in the inbox—then carried through relevant content in the campaign’s other channel selections.

Bonus: The winner of the Email First Excellence Award will get the chance to present their project on stage at next year’s Litmus Live event in Boston!

Eligible to Everyone
The Coach Award

We’ve all had someone who has helped us along our career path or served as advocates for email marketing within the organization. Nominate your manager, team leader, VP, or mentor who has helped you or your team increase the visibility, effectiveness, or skill set of your email marketing crew for the Coach Award. Give back to someone who shares your passion for effective email marketing and balances the need to meet goals with the need to inspire.

Eligible to Everyone
The Email Spirit Award

It’s easy to say that we all love email, and part of that love is finding unique and creative ways to show it off. Send in pictures of your email-themed office decor, meeting backgrounds, artwork, tattoos, and more for your chance to win the Email Spirit Award. Show us how you live email 24/7, and you might just get an actual trophy to add to the collection!

Eligible to Everyone
The Workflow Wellness Award

When you have multiple stakeholders or teams who are part of helping get messages out the door, finding ways to keep feedback and approval processes rolling can be a challenge. The Workflow Wellness Award is a great way to tell the story of how you have found consistency and efficiency in launching your email programs using the Litmus platform.

Eligible to Litmus Customers
The Innovator Award

Coding and developing email templates isn’t for the faint of heart. With the thousands of ways an email can render to a recipient, let alone managing any number of supported code strategies, an email designer is always tapping into a vast skill set to help achieve success in the inbox. Our Innovator Award lets you show off your skills and highlight what you’ve created to help transform email campaigns for your company or clients.

Eligible to Everyone
The Data Storyteller Award

Data, data, data. We know it, we love it—but it’s not all created equal. The Email Analytics suite in Litmus helps you find unique insights into the behavior of your subscribers, and when you blend these with the other metrics provided by your ESP, you’re well on your way to telling a comprehensive story. It’s fitting, then, that the Data Storyteller Award is a way to recognize your evolution from reporting open rates to pulling a narrative together around your entire program - and demonstrate gains you’ve made by doing so.

Eligible to Litmus Customers
The Content Converter Award

Email isn’t all code and programming language. Without knowing the content that your recipients are apt to engage with, even the most interactive campaign won’t be as successful as it could be. Our Content Converter Award is given to the marketing team that creates persuasive or compelling copy, including the right mix of content, and knows their customers’ needs at every stage of their journey.

Eligible to Everyone
The Visual Visionary Award

Visual impact of an email goes a long way in helping make your communications stand out from your competitors, while still serving the expectations of the recipient and staying true to your brand. Show off your strategic use of visual content with the Visual Visionary Award, and help inspire other email marketers on the power of impactful images.

Eligible to Everyone

By popular demand, we've opened up the Email First Awards to teams around the world–regardless of where you are, you can submit an entry!

Entries will be judged individually (not against each other) based on how they rate against the following objective qualifications:

  • Quality of copywriting (tone, voice, length, interest)
  • Hard numbers and measurement of performance against goals
  • Ease of navigation and overall responsiveness (email)
  • Campaign integration within all channels (copy, creative, CTAs)
  • Effectiveness of imagery and visual appeal (balance)
  • Segmentation and appropriateness of the audience
  • Relevance and effectiveness of calls to action/links
  • Use of Litmus platform (applicable to Litmus customer categories only)
  • Use of modern coding techniques
  • Campaign personalization through use of engagement data
  • Internal/team collaboration practices

Not all qualifications will apply to all entries.

Entries will be judged by a panel of seven email marketers – three (3) will be representatives from Litmus, and an additional four (4) will be email marketers from the email community. We’ll unveil our panel of judges in the celebration of winners on September 18, 2020.

You may submit entries for campaigns that were launched or active between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019.

Entries will be accepted from Wednesday, July 22, 2020 at noon ET through Saturday, August 31, 2020 at midnight ET.

Yes! You are welcome to submit multiple entries for categories or the same campaign into multiple categories. You will need to submit a separate entry form for each submission, though.

Winners will be notified the first week of September via the email address provided on the entry. We’ll celebrate these winners publicly at the close of Litmus Live Week on September 18th, so make sure you and your team attend! For each category, we’ll award one winner and one honorable mention.

Winners will receive a variety of exclusive items, including:

  • Award trophy
  • Certificate for each team member that helped bring the campaign to life
  • Inclusion in press release
  • Feature on Litmus social media, email/newsletter, blog, and podcast
  • Extra Litmus swag

Honorable mention winners will receive:

  • Certificate for each team member that helped bring the campaign to life
  • Inclusion in press release
  • Feature on Litmus social media, email/newsletter, blog, and podcast
  • Extra Litmus swag