Increase ROI by up to 70%

AI-powered personalization in marketing can increase ROI by up to 70%. Email marketing is one of the top ROI drivers for marketing teams. AI-powered email marketing opens the door to even more revenue possibilities.

Source: Kibo, The Rise of Personalized Commerce Study, 2020

Boost engagement and unlock revenue
potential with AI-driven email content

Recommend products based on user
activity and behavior

Turn shopper behavior on your website into a gold mine by predicting what products and offers will best resonate with your audience.

Automatically surface products thatare resonating with similar audiences

Combine user behavior, product availability, and the latest pricing changes and offers to send emails that drive clicks and conversions.

Quick and easy implementation

Add the tag to your website to start tracking on-site behavior, create your APIs, design your images, and add the tag to your HTML. It’s that easy!

“We see Litmus Personalize, powered by Kickdynamic, as a full-time member of our team; it is a tool that is now used daily as a vital part of our CRM programme. Our future plans include displaying live related products such as accessories, broadband (and much more) that are relevant to a customer’s previous purchase.”

Neemisha Kanani,
Marketing Brand Manager,

44% increase
In email-driven sales uses customer purchasing and on-site behavior powered by Litmus Personalize to boost engagement and conversions in their customer lifecycle email campaigns.
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It’s time to make every send count—with a partner you can count on

Litmus empowers you to make every send count. It’s a core component of your tech stack that allows you to create, personalize, test, review, and analyze every email you send.