Access the power of Litmus directly inside SAP Marketing Cloud

Litmus makes it easier than ever to create highly effective SAP Marketing Cloud campaigns. Test your way to more conversions and get insights to inform your entire marketing mix. Discover what you can do with Litmus and SAP in our video below.


Litmus helps you streamline your email creation, review, and testing workflow to enable your team to deliver even the most complex campaigns, faster.

Catch and fix costly errors by testing with Litmus as you build in SAP Marketing Cloud, without having to switch between applications.

Get the insights you need to improve personalization and segmentation. Litmus lets you identify trends that can be used to boost marketing effectiveness on all channels.

Litmus SAP Marketing Cloud integration

Streamline pre-send testing

Bring Litmus Email Previews right into the SAP Marketing Cloud Content Builder to see how each email renders on popular email clients and devices, without having to switch between tools.

Litmus detailed analytics

Get deeper campaign insights

With Litmus, you’ll see exactly how subscribers engage with your emails so you can get the insights you need to improve future campaigns. From read rates and forwarding to detailed geolocation data, Litmus provides you with the data you need to improve personalization and segmentation with every email send.

Litmus Analytics for EPSs

Improve performance everywhere

Litmus empowers you to get more from your SAP Marketing Cloud campaigns, but the benefits don’t end there. Litmus Email Analytics lets you understand which messages resonate best, so you can apply those insights across your marketing portfolio. Use them to enhance your blog, improve your social media posts, target your search campaigns, and more.

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Sending more effective SAP Marketing Cloud emails shouldn’t be complicated. Litmus makes it easy. Get in touch to see what your team can achieve with the Litmus SAP Marketing Cloud integration.

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