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Say Hello to Litmus Live Everywhere

One of the great drivers of marketing innovation has been from people pushing the envelope and testing new ideas. From the very first Litmus Live, we’ve worked hard to bring the email community together to do just that. We’ve celebrated the wins (and struggles) of being email marketers togetherlearning from each other in rooms full of captivated attendees. That was certainly the plan for 2020, but in this current climate, we knew Litmus Live had to innovate as well.

This year, we’re excited to invite you to Litmus Live Everywhere—the conference you love, turned into a fully digital experience.

How will Litmus Live Everywhere be different from our past events? 

Top 4 things to know about Litmus Live 2020, aka Litmus Live Everywhere

  1. It’s a fully online event
  2. You’ll get email content from the smartest minds in the industry—throughout the year instead of only in one week
  3. The event is free of charge. That’s right. Free.
  4. We’re launching a brand-new certification program

Let’s dive into each of these one-by-one:

Litmus Live 2020—now Litmus Live Everywhere—has become a fully online event

That’s right. We’re taking the experience out of the conference room to wherever you are. Litmus Live has been a way to learn in an inclusive and safe environment; now, more than ever, safety is key. We’re proud to be able to connect you with ideas and fellow members of the email community without the worry of travel. 

Email marketing has long been a channel supported by digital technologies, and we’re looking forward to continuing this digital-first mindset to deliver content straight to you, in everything from live content and sessions, workshops, networking with your fellow attendees, and even some of our favorite long-standing email battles. I’m not saying you’ll see a live gif vs. jif or scroll vs. no scroll debate, but don’t rule it out, either!

Email content from the smartest minds in the industry—throughout the year

Digital events have a unique way of removing constraints for attendees. Challenges like venue availability, travel, expenses, and blocking time are things of the past,  and we’re using this to our collective advantage. You’ll be able to learn from your community members—and new thought leaders—each month until the end of the year. Instead of just two or three days of sessions in a dry, stuffy conference room, we’ve planned a full slate of content starting on Tuesday, May 19, with the very first Litmus Live Day.

Litmus Live Days

Each month, we’ll host a two-hour block of live content tied to themes like technology, collaboration, budgeting, and more. You’ll find insights and ideas for all specializations, from developers to analysts and members of a marketing leadership team. These sessions will continue to be led by the email marketing community, and you’ll have on-demand access to the recorded sessions in days, not weeks.

See what’s on the agenda for the first Litmus Live Day →

Litmus Live Week

September brings a full five days of email marketing insight goodness. Litmus Live Week features live keynotes from industry thought leaders and community members, the Litmus leadership and product teams, as well as tons of opportunities to network with your fellow attendees and speakers. And, yes, Live Optimization will be back!

Take to the (Virtual) Stage!

The call for proposals is open! If you have a case study or innovation you’ve been looking to tell people about, or just want to share pieces of your email marketing journey with marketers from around the world, submit your idea today. You have until June 30, 2020, and as always, speakers have the full support and resources of the Litmus team to help build your perfect talk. If you want to submit but need a bit of inspiration for topics, check out our blog with a few ideas

Budget concerns? Litmus Live everywhere will be free of charge.

We recognize how conferences can be a barrier to learning, even though that’s the exact opposite of their intent. The cost to attend adds up quickly and can be a key factor in decisions. By going digital this year, we’re able to open Litmus Live Everywhere to everyone at no cost. 

We’re excited to use Litmus Live Everywhere as a way to welcome attendees that are possibly new to the industry, have had budget constraints in the past, or are part of a marketing leadership team and looking for more insights on the power of email in their marketing strategy. We hope you’ll join us throughout Litmus Live Everywhere and find value and insights to boost the performance of your program.

Level up your email skills with Litmus certifications

During Litmus Live Everywhere, we’re also running hands-on workshops each month, letting you choose the sessions that interest you. One new initiative we’re excited about? The Litmus Certified program where practitioners will have the chance to be the first in the community to become either a Litmus-Certified Email Developer or Email Marketer. Certification is a combination of attending workshops and completing a practical project later in the summer. We’ll have limited spots for each certification track, so this really is a unique opportunity.

If you’re ready to save your spot for the workshops or certification, head over to the registration page to get started!

We hope you’re as excited as we are for Litmus Live Everywhere, albeit in a slightly different format this year. Make sure you’re following us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook to keep up with Litmus Live Everywhere content throughout the year. You’ll also want to drop by the Litmus blog and check out our Delivering podcast to help get the full Litmus Live Everywhere experience. 

Trust us—you’re going to love what you see this year, and we can’t thank you enough for your support and love of Litmus Live! We ❤️ email.