Save up to 75% on development time

“Constantly hopping back and forth between tools, it used to take us over two hours to produce one of our templated sends. With Visual Editor in Litmus Builder, that time has been cut to 30 minutes, freeing up 75% more critical time to focus on revenue-generating projects.”

Joe Savitch
, Marketing Manager at Altos

Empower your entire team to create high-impact emails

Litmus Builder enables flexible, intuitive email creation so you can scale email efforts and drive innovation. Developers can use the HTML Code Editor to build emails and templates from scratch, and email stakeholders can use the drag-and-drop modular building tools within Visual Editor to quickly create on-brand, error-free emails—without needing to code.

Maintain brand compliance & integrity

Create, store, organize, and collaborate on reusable templates and code modules in one centralized spot and make them accessible to everyone—without having to worry about brand inconsistencies, errors, or having to teach other stakeholders how to code. We’ll automatically enable codeless, visual editing of your template and lock down your guidelines—like font type. There’s no lengthy setup or formal training, and we won’t mess with your carefully crafted code.

Preview your email as you code

Preview your email as you build

Get previews of your email in popular email clients while you’re building. Every change you make updates your previews in real time, so you can build, test, and troubleshoot your email campaigns faster than ever before.

Build, edit, review, and analyze in one seamless view

Once you’re happy with your email in Builder, push your code to our other tools to loop in the rest of your team for feedback, approvals, and post-send reporting. It’s never been easier to collaborate on and build high-performing emails.

Integrate Builder with your email service provider

Getting your email from your code editor into your email service provider (ESP) has always been a hassle. It’s time to say goodbye to that manual copy and paste process.

With ESP Syncing, you can automatically sync your code from Builder to your ESP with a click of a button. Once connected, whenever you make any changes to your code in Builder, it automatically updates in your ESP, too.

ESP Syncing is available for:
  • Mailchimp
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud (formerly ExactTarget)
  • Oracle Eloqua
  • Acoustic Campaign (formerly IBM Watson Campaign Automation)
  • Marketo
  • HubSpot

Cut your development time up to 75%

Built by email professionals for email professionals, Litmus Builder helps you streamline your email design and development workflow.

Store shared resources in one spot

Create, store, and collaborate on templates and code modules in one spot, making them easily accessible team-wide.

Speed production with reusable templates and code modules

Scale email development and stay on-brand with reusable code snippets, partials, and templates, made easily accessible in organized custom categories in Design Library.

Easily navigate your code

Click on any HTML element in the preview pane and land on that element directly within the code editor.

Share your emails with a single click

Create a public version of your email to share with others—or send a test email directly from Builder.

View your email’s history

Get a complete system of record. See who made changes and when, and easily restore any version at any time.

Verify your subject line displays as intended

Preview your from name, subject line, and preview text in real time in over 15 popular email clients.

Get notified about issues with your code

Identify HTML and CSS issues and troubleshoot your emails in specific email clients.

Add tracking to your emails

Easily add tracking codes to your emails—including your links—to get advanced insights on your campaigns.

Automatically inline your CSS

Inline your email’s CSS with a simple toggle and style your emails faster and easier than ever before.

Upload code directly from a cloud storage provider

Avoid copy and paste errors by directly importing your code into Builder from Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.

Discover how large your email file size is

Get insights on both the compiled and original HTML file display size. Discover if you’re under Gmail’s 102KB display limit.

View your processed HTML markup

See what each email client actually processed your email markup into, making it easier than ever to pinpoint and diagnose rendering issues.

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