Cut email development time by 50%—without additional headcount

Empower your entire team–with or without HTML skills–to create on-brand emails with our intuitive email builder.

“Before Litmus, our build time took hours, and often days. Thanks to Litmus, we can build the whole email in half an hour.”


Donnell Deleon, Marketing Automation Developer, VSP

Create high-impact, quality emails and email templates—quickly

With intuitive drag and drop email creation in Litmus, it's never been easier and faster to send quality, on-brand emails

HTML Code Editor or Visual Editor? Your choice

Customize your creation with our versatile email builder. Start from scratch via the HTML Code Editor, or use drag-and-drop modular building tools within Visual Editor to quickly create emails without code—and no unnecessary elements added to your HTML.

Create templates and reusable code snippets in design library

Maintain brand compliance with every send

Create and store on-brand, reusable email templates and code modules in one spot with Design Library. Speed up your creation process with our email builder—while ensuring every email has the right look and feel.

Say goodbye to hopping between tools with one seamless view to build, test, review, and analyze your emails in Litmus

Build, test, and get feedback in one seamless view

Get previews of your email in 100+ popular email clients as you build. Plus, quickly run a comprehensive QA test, and loop in the rest of your team for feedback and approvals all in one seamless view.


Integrate with your existing tools

Whatever your marketing tools, Litmus fits right in to save time and prevent errors. Automatically pull existing emails into Litmus. With ESP Sync, sync emails to your email provider in a single click to ensure everyone has access to the most up-to-date version every time you save.

“When it comes to creating a very dynamic campaign, we have the ability to build an email exactly the way we want it to look and ensure it’s not broken on any email clients. If something needs to be fixed, Litmus makes it easy to find and update the code.”
Caitlin Murphy,Senior Marketing Operations Associate at ezCater

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