Increase ROI by up to 70%

AI-powered personalization in marketing can increase ROI by up to 70%. Email marketing is one of the top ROI drivers for marketing teams. AI-powered email marketing opens the door to even more revenue possibilities.

Source: Kibo, The Rise of Personalized Commerce Study, 2020

Boost engagement and unlock revenue potential with AI Recommendations

Put the power of your audience’s shopping behaviors to work for you

Easily use on-site behavior to understand the shopping patterns that lead to purchases and let the power of AI serve smarter recommendations to your subscribers.

Identify limitless similar product recommendations—without manual work

Let our advanced AI algorithms do the work for you so you can deliver the right products to the right subscribers with every send, increasing conversions, average order value, and overall email-driven revenue.

Quick and easy implementation

Add the tag to your website to start tracking on-site behavior, create your APIs, design your images, and add the tag to your HTML. It’s that easy!

“We see Litmus Personalize as a full-time member of our team; it is a tool that is now used daily as a vital part of our CRM programme. Our future plans include displaying live related products such as accessories, broadband (and much more) that are relevant to a customer’s previous purchase.”

Neemisha Kanani,
Marketing Brand Manager,

44% increase
In email-driven sales uses customer purchasing and on-site behavior powered by Litmus Personalize to boost engagement and conversions in their customer lifecycle email campaigns.
Read the story uses AI Recommendations to suggest the right product to the right shopper at the right time

What can you do with AI Recommendations?

  • Showcase items frequently purchased together
    Prompt shoppers with products that are frequently purchased with their items already selected, showing them items they may not have known they need.
  • Recommend items for an individual shopper
    Combine on-site behavior and purchasing habits to serve hyper-personalized product recommendations crafted for each customer.
  • Highlight similar items
    Display the right product at the right time by showing products similar to others being viewed/searched.

And that’s just the start. Connect with us today to learn how AI Recommendations can help you personalize shopper journeys

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It’s time to make every send count—with a partner you can count on

Litmus empowers you to make every send count. It’s a core component of your tech stack that allows you to create, personalize, test, review, and analyze every email you send.