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20 Predictions from 20 Experts about Email Marketing in 2020 [SlideShare]


“How will email marketing change by the end of the decade?”

That’s the question we posed to 20 experts for our Email Marketing in 2020 report. Their answers predict dramatic changes in personalization, automation, interactivity, compliance, and much more.

In this SlideShare, we’ve selected our favorite prediction from each of our 20 contributors, and made it easy for you to tweet the ones you find intriguing or agree with. Enjoy this peek at the future of email marketing!

For our Email Marketing in 2020 report, Litmus asked 20 experts to share their vision of what email marketing will look like in the year 2020. Here are some of their predictions…

Daniel Burstein, Director of Editorial Content, MarketingSherpa, predicts…

Email readers are going to get better and better at helping recipients manage their email by factoring in contextual information and no longer simply displaying email by an arbitrary factor like recency.

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Morgan Stewart, Chief Executive Officer, Trendline Interactive, predicts…

The client-approval step will shift toward reviewing content modules, not full creative, and signing off on targeting models, not customer segments.

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Jill LeMaire Redo, Vice President of Digital Strategy and Insights, Epsilon, predicts…

By 2020, hyper-personalization in marketing will reach a significant level, along with rules-based triggers, assimilation of the mobile channel, and connecting data from other channels and platforms.

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Ryan Phelan, Vice President of Marketing Insights, Adestra, predicts…

We might not be far from achieving some of the 1-to-1 marketing that appeared in Minority Report, but the impetus for change is going to come as leaders in the younger generation adapt to and evolve the incumbent technology.

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Eric Stahl, Senior Vice President of Product Marketing, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, predicts…

Email will leverage every interaction from the Internet of Things, location, behavioral data, and customer preferences to deliver messages to the customer in exactly the right context.

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Tim Watson, Email Marketing Consultant, Zettasphere, predicts…

Machine intelligence will manage and control the messaging to each individual across channels, creating the truly integrated experiences that are currently talked about a lot but rarely delivered.

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Loren McDonald, Marketing Evangelist, Silverpop, An IBM Company, predicts…

In the next 5 years, email will be seen as not just a high-ROI channel by itself but rather a platform that integrates with and makes other channels more successful.

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Tom Klein, Vice President of Marketing, MailChimp, predicts…

Subscribers will be able to make purchases right inside a marketing campaign, without ever leaving their inboxes. Campaigns will offer more of an app-like experience, too, with embedded video and other interactivity.

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Dave Chaffey, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, Smart Insights, predicts…

Given current variable adoption of best practices, by 2020, systems will step marketers through all the best practices for customised lifecycle marketing, creative, and delivery.

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Kristin Naragon, Director of Email Solutions, Adobe, predicts…

2020’s practitioners will be coveted assets. In fact, smart companies that recognize the value of email marketing will retain top talent by offering tenured career opportunities within the company.

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Chris Lynch, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Oracle Marketing Cloud, predicts…

The convergence of marketing technology with advertising technology is taking email marketing to another level. Email platforms will need to be able to integrate with platforms that handle the anonymous marketing data.

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Simms Jenkins, Chief Executive Officer, Brightwave, predicts…

No longer will email work ‘just because.’ Only smart, innovative, and highly dynamic emails will drive interaction, and generic blasts will get weeded out of the subscribers’ priorities, if not outright emotionally junked.

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Cara Olson, Director of Direct Marketing and eCRM, DEG, predicts…

With many brands spending the past two years focusing on data and integrations, I predict that the next several years will focus on taking advantage of the single view of the customer.

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Paul Farnell, Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder, Litmus, predicts…

I believe email volume is going to increase dramatically by 2020, but it won’t feel like it. Inboxes will prioritize messages, many email interactions will be brief, and many emails won’t feel like emails at all.

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Dan Denney, Front-End Developer, Code School, predicts…

By 2020, I expect the bulk of email marketing to be similar to the experience of Gmail’s Quick Actions. The whole message will be the length of a current subject line with a call-to-action.

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Elliot Ross, Managing Director, Action Rocket, predicts…

I’m optimistic about the second generation email platforms. These platforms are the developer-friendly platforms of choice for startups and are well placed to take power from the late 90s vintage behemoths.

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Mark Robbins, Email Developer, Rebelmail, predicts…

I see interactive as a huge shift in email development. Early analytics have shown far greater engagement from users who receive interactive messages.

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Andrew Bonar, Founder, Deliverability Ltd., predicts…

Where best practice dictates that permission, personalization, and relevance are key to success today, in the future those tenets will barely be considered a minimum acceptable standard.

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Laura Atkins, Owner, Word to the Wise, predicts…

By 2020, ESPs being the authenticated senders won’t be enough for end users. ESP customers will have to authenticate mail themselves. Overhead and management will increase for both ESPs and their customers.

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Len Shneyder, Vice President of Industry Relations, SparkPost, predicts…

The Internet of Things has the potential to generate trillions of messages a day, and this tidal wave of email could be laden with all kinds of personally identifiable information (PII), requiring more and more security.

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