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2017 State of Email Creative: How Marketers Go from Inspiration to Email Design to Landing Page


Email creative is unlike web or print design. It has its own unique constraints and opportunities that marketers must master to make the most of the channel.

The rendering of your design is affected by the email client and screen size used to view it, whether images are disabled, and more. And you have lots of opportunities to up-level your design by using dynamic content, interactive email elements, A/B testing, and more.

In our second annual State of Email Creative report, we examine every facet of email creative strategy, including:

  • Finding email inspiration
  • Email brand guidelines
  • Email design approaches
  • The popularity of various design elements
  • The use of one-off email designs
  • A/B testing
  • Email redesign schedules
  • Landing page responsibilities

The State of Email Creative report explores each of these findings and much more, with 25 charts providing data-based evidence of current practices and trends that impact the email creative process.

Use the results to benchmark your own email creative and design processes, to identify opportunities for improvement, and as evidence to argue for the need to experiment with new email approaches, elements, and tactics.

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All of this is made possible by the more than 3,500 marketers who generously took the time to take our State of Email Survey and share their insights with the industry. For a breakdown of the demographics of our respondents, check out this snapshot of the email professional.