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2018 State of Email Workflows: How Marketers Plan, Build, Approve, & Send Emails

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Check out the 2019 State of Email Workflows for latest stats, trends, and advice.

Creating a high-performing email takes time and the right resources. Most brands spend weeks planning and executing on each email they produce, and use many different tools along the way. Your workflow is an expression of the investment you make in every email—and is itself a predictor of email program success.

Based on our State of Email Survey of nearly 3,000 marketers, our third annual State of Email Workflows report takes a detailed look at every stage of email creation—from planning and building to quality assurance and sending.

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Some of the key findings from the State of Email Workflows include:

  • More brands are using content and project management software to plan their email content rather than relying solely on documents, spreadsheets, and calendars from the likes of Google, Microsoft, and Apple.
  • Brands spend more time on email reviews and approvals than they do on copywriting, design, coding, or any other component of email production.
  • Modular email design approaches are on the rise.
  • Use of partials, taskrunners, and preprocessors continues to increase.
  • Fewer brands are sending emails the same day they’re approved.
  • Only half of brands sent an apology email for an email marketing mistake in the past 12 months.
  • The email service provider industry continues to consolidate.

The 47-page report analyzes and explores each of these findings and much more, with over 35 charts providing data-based evidence of current practices and trends in email workflows.

Use the results to benchmark your own process and identify opportunities for improvement, as well as leverage this report’s findings as evidence to make a compelling argument for more resources or process changes at your company.

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All of this is made possible by the nearly 3,000 marketers who generously took the time to take our State of Email Survey and share their insights with the industry. For a breakdown of the demographics of our respondents, check out this Snapshot of the Email Professional.