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How to Improve Your Email Workflow with Litmus and Zapier

Starting to feel like your email workflow has a little too many moving parts? Yeah, us too. And probably every other email marketer ever, if we’re being honest. It’s a craft that just has a lot of tools, steps, processes, review stages, stakeholders… The list goes on. 

And if you’re like us, you’re always looking for ways to streamline (or even automate) that workflow. 

That’s why we teamed up with some of the savviest efficiency experts in the business—our friends at Zapier—to share some tips on how to improve your email workflow. 

Let’s take a peek!

How to improve your email workflow in 4 simple steps

We teamed up with Zapier to look at the four stages of an efficient email workflow, and how to make each of them as effective as possible. From project management, to list creation and segmentation, to design and development, to post-send analysis, there’s always something that can be streamlined or improved. 

Here are a few of the highlights we cover in this handy guide: 

  • How to simplify the email intake process and help production execute faster
  • Where to simplify pre-send steps and get emails through the review process with ease
  • What automations can give you peace of mind when you hit that big red send button 
  • How to analyze your post-send data to better improve future electronic missives!

And of course, we include the Zap templates you need to accomplish all the above and more. 

Save time with Zapier’s automations 

Spoiler alert: Zapier’s whole thing is about automating parts of your workday and making your life simpler and easier. And when applied to email? That’s real value. 

Download The Expert’s Guide to Better Email Workflows to start supercharging your email workflows today!

The Expert’s Guide to Better Email Workflows

Join the experts in efficiency and email with this insider’s guide to a smoother email workflow.

Abigail Sims

Abigail Sims

Abigail Sims was a Content Marketing Manager at Litmus