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HubSpot Launches Email Previews, Powered By Litmus


With 75% of subscribers reporting that a poorly designed email will negatively affect their perception of a brand, it’s essential to make sure your emails look good in all environments. Regardless of how much time you’ve spent tailoring the perfect content and designing an attractive email, if it doesn’t render correctly, then what’s the point? Whether it’s through tools like Litmus, or manually sending tests to different devices, testing your emails before sending is a necessity.

Through integrations and partnerships, we’re able to offer our testing suite to a wider range of email marketers and designers. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that HubSpot, which provides inbound marketing software, has integrated our testing tools into their software!

HubSpot is thrilled, too! Meghan Keaney Anderson, Director of Product Marketing at HubSpot, stated,

“One of the primary tenets of Inbound Marketing is the need to adapt to the varying ways people consume content and buy. Today that means emails opened on more than 30 different types of inboxes and content read across a growing number of devices. Having Litmus…helps HubSpot users adapt to what they can’t control and focus on delivering relevant, useful emails.”

Let’s take a look at the integration!

HubSpot Email Previews, Powered By Litmus

Within HubSpot’s email editor, users will now have the option to “Preview in Other Inboxes.” Within that interface, users can select where they’d like to test their email from over 30 clients. If using personalization, HubSpot customers can simply add a test contact to see how the dynamic content would look for that specific subscriber!

After choosing which clients to test in (and whether they’d like to test personalization or not), users can click on “Test my email now” and view their results immediately in the results tab.

If you have a HubSpot account, login today and start testing!

And That’s Not It…

Not only do HubSpot customers have access to email previews in over 30 clients, but they can also test their emails for colorblind accessibility and see how it looks in the preview pane, as well as in an images-disabled environment—covering all the bases!

Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith is the VP of Acquisition & Lifecycle Marketing at Litmus